Tuesday 5 March 2013

Finger-painting is for wimps !

Over the half term holiday, it was bitterly cold so instead of going out for long walks as we usually do, we spent a lot of time doing crafts. Pierre rediscovered the joys of painting so I thought it would be fun for him to try finger painting again. Then I remembered when the girls were little and we'd gone one step further and tried feet painting instead. The words had barely left my mouth when all three of the Madhouse Mini-testers - yes, even the 8 and 11-year-olds ! - were excitedly asking to do it again ! Well, why not ?!

Pierre was slightly bemused but giggled lots and said it tickled.

One step, two step, it's tickly under there !

Me next, me next !

Pierre had just as much fun painting his sisters' feet as he did making his own pictures !

We'd already done so much painting that we didn't really have enough supplies left so we'll have to come back to this another day when we're better equipped.

The kids still had fun which was the main thing !

My original plan was to make definite feet shape then turn them into animals and things by adding drawings in pencil afterwards, but it ended being a bit more unstructured !

Right, off to the bath with the lot of you now !!

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  1. hehe I love this sort of craft fun! you could still cut out the feet even if they are not really formed and add extras to make animals :) x

  2. you're brave..we did this last year but only in the summer, outside with paddling pool nearby. mind you he was only 2 then

  3. That looks fun, we haven't tried that but have done finger and hand prints. We like colouring pictures with our finger prints, Melly likes that as she thinks she does it neater that way.

  4. Looks great fun but very messy !


  5. The kids love painting I hate the mess! Definitely a summer/garden thing for us :)


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