Tuesday 26 March 2013

#PeppasThemeParkParty Peppa Pig Toys review

Having laid out all the toys on the table in preparation for the #PeppasThemeParkToys twitter party, Pierre couldn't wait to get his hands on the toys and open them up to show his friends. He was very excited to see that the Peppa Pig Theme Park iPad app - which he absolutely loves - has "come to life" in these toys. 

He loves making the Peppa soft toy talk and count along with her, but what made me laugh the most is that he keeps trying to wipe off the muddy splashes on her clothes ! Very cute !

First up, Pierre had a good play with the Peppa Pig Ferris Wheel (RRP £14.99). As a first impression, I didn't think this looked very sturdy but it's put up with some pretty rough playing so far with no signs of wear and tear ! The seats can be taken off which makes it easier to put Peppa and her pals into position, but they do tend to fall off quite easily when pushing it round. This one comes with a Peppa Pig figure but we had extra figurines to add in some extra riders - the more the merrier ! I like the fact that this doesn't need batteries - you just push it round by hand. This seems to mesmerise Pierre who will sit pushing it round and round for absolutely ages without getting bored !

Juliette, meanwhile, was getting stuck in with the Deluxe Peppa Pig Balloon Ride playset (RRP : £19.99). This one has two balloons that go round and round as well as up in the air !

It's a great playset for encouraging imaginative roleplay because, as well as the two characters who are riding the balloons, you can also put someone in the ticket booth, which has a hatch that you can open and shut. Pierre loves saying "Tickets please" before Juliette fits Peppa and her friends into the seats. There is also a bell that you can ring by pushing the button to make the balloon go up, just like the "test your strength" machines at the fairground that you hit with a hammer !

Pierre also absolutely loves the Jumping In Muddy Puddles Peppa plush toy (RRP : £19.99). He loves jumping in puddles as much as Peppa so play-acting at jumping in puddles is the next best thing, especially as he has been gutted lately that the puddles are all frozen over so he can't go splashing ! Peppa says lots of different phrases from the show, counts and jumps, encouraging you to jump too - Pierre didn't need to be asked twice ! The toy needs 3 x AA batteries and it took me ages to find the button above her mud splash on her dress to make it work (although Pierre seemed to find it straight away !)

You can buy extra twin packs of Peppa charactersfor £4.99  - George, Candy Cat, Danny Dog, Zoe Zebra, Suzy Sheep and Rebecca Rabbit all want to have a go on the rides and join in the fun too ! The addition of extra characters from our box of goodies led to some great interaction amongst the kids, with different voices and stories being invented - always lovely to see !

And when they all need calming down, the brightly coloured board book "Peppa's Big Day Out" is absolutely ideal.

It tells the story of Peppa and her friends visiting a theme park and the kids are all very excited to see the rides from the book brought to life in the toys.

Any little Peppa Pig fan will love the toys, especially if they have the Peppa's Theme Park app or have been lucky enough to visit Peppa Pig World at Paulton's Park. 

for more information and the chance to win the whole collection  : http://www.peppasthemeparkparty.co.uk/

Don't miss the #PeppasThemeParkParty which will be kicking off on twitter (and in my living room !) from 3-5pm this afternoon - follow @UKMums.TV for more information and the chance to win some lovely Peppa-themed prizes !

Disclosure : Having been selected as a party host, I received a box full of party supplies as well as the toys, some to play with and some to give away as prizes.

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