Sunday 17 March 2013

The Ultimate Breakfast Muffin

When Warburtons sent us through a pack of their toasting muffins to try out, I wasn't sure what to do with them. Having heard of (but never actually tried) a McDonalds Egg McMuffin, I decided to use that as my basic inspiration and we were all really impressed with the results so I thought I'd share it with you.

For each serving :

Fry an egg in a little olive oil until the white is cooked through but the yolk stays runny.

While the egg is cooking, take 1 muffin, slice it in half and pop it under the grill. (You could use a toaster but I was cooking all eight halves at once.) After 3-4 minutes, sprinkle each half with a little grated cheese and return under the grill for two minutes.

Remove the cheesy muffins from the grill, spread with bacon jam (you could omit this or replace it with bacon and/or ketchup) and add a 1/4 slice of ham to one half of the muffin.

Add the egg on top of the ham, place the top half of the muffin on top and press down so that the yolk bursts and splurges everywhere.

We ate these for a light Sunday night supper and they totally hit the spot. Yum !

Disclosure : Warburtons sent us a pack of muffins in order to Shake Up Our Wake Up for Farmhouse Breakfast Week, but we've only just taken them out of the freezer !

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  1. we love making eggs benedict with english muffins :)

  2. Sounds yummy! Also love eggs benedict!

  3. I do love an egg mcmuffin and must admit I've never thought of buying muffins. Sneaking some of these in the trolley I think (supposed to be on a diet) :) as you have tempted me now.

    1. I'm on a diet too - they're only 138 calories (plus whatever you put in them) :)

  4. I think you have tempted me too! 138 calories isn't bad. Much healthier than the McDonald's one which is really greasy! :)


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