Saturday 23 March 2013

Time for a new toothbrush !

I must admit, this probably would have slipped my mind if I hadn't received my latest mailing from Colgate ! You may remember that, as a member of their 360° Club, they send me through a lovely new toothbrush every 3 months along with some interesting (and frequently rather revolting !) facts and figures.

In fact, I've decided to hold off changing my brush for a couple of weeks because at this very moment, I'm sitting here nursing a sore throat. It's something I'd never even thought about before, but Colgate have opened my eyes to the fact that keeping the same toothbrush can be a bit of a health hazard. They explain : "Germs and bacteria – or what we call Invisible Nasties - can lurk on your toothbrush after you have had a cold, the flu, a mouth infection or a sore throat so you need to replace your brush once you’re better to prevent re-infection." Yuck !

They've created this fun video to really push the message and point out that changing your toothbrush should be an integral part of your spring cleaning.

The brush that I received this time was their 360° Surround brush which is designed to clean your whole mouth, not just your teeth. They explain : "The surround bristles are designed to clean both sides of your teeth at once and reach all the way down to the gum line. The wrap around cleaner adds a whole new dimension of clean and an invigorating feel whilst the cheek and tongue cleaner comfortably removes odour causing bacteria."

Sounds ideal for spring cleaning my mouth once my sore throat has gone. The germs will all be winging their way into the bin with my old tooth brush !

(Ooh that's a bit freaky  - I've just gone and looked at my last Colgate 360° Club blogpost from 3 months ago and I had a cold/sore throat then too. I haven't had that many colds and sore throats over the winter so I'll have to keep a check on it - I wonder if it's when my brush needs changing that I am more susceptible to the bugs? Could be pure coincidence though !)

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So you think you have good oral hygiene ?


  1. When you think about it, sticking the same brush in your mouth everyday is really disgusting! But we do need a certain amount of germs to keep our immune system going.


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