Sunday 10 March 2013

Sunday weigh-in : Happy mother's day !

In honour of mother's day, I'm giving myself a week off the scales ! No actually, that's not true - in honour of Pierre waking me up at 7 o' clock with a cry of "Mummy, I need a poo" and the fact that Madhouse Daddy Mike only dragged himself out of bed at 9.30 (so I couldn't get to the scales), I had breakfast (a big slice of homemade apple cake - delicious !) before weighing myself so I'm not counting it. The scales said 79.1kg which I thought was horrendous but looking at last week's weekly weigh-in post, I was at 78.9kg and today's weigh-in was with my pyjamas on, after breakfast and without going for a wee so that's not bad actually and may even count as a loss !

Anyway, I'm not changing my totals this week, we'll see what the scales say next week.

Positives of the week

- Back to eating at the school canteen is definitely not a positive - the first day back was particularly bad. A plateful of tinned ravioli with some lettuce drowned in salad dressing slapped on top. Hmm ravioli with vinaigrette mixed into the sauce and warm, wilted lettuce. Nice ! But I did the best I could and had fruit for dessert each day.

- I wore a new pair of jeans that were too tight before - and they kept slipping down !

- Looking at the photos that I published on last week's weigh-in post have kept me hugely motivated and shown that, whatever the scales say, I'm doing fabulously and shouldn't beat myself up about it ! Always nice to get great feedback too :)

- I took some photos for the face peel post and I think the shape of my face has changed too - I'm sure it looks less round than on my twitter profile picture !!

- We went to the eat-all-you-like Chinese buffet and I didn't come out with the usual bloated "I've eaten too much" feeling. I had a huge plate of slad for starter, a normal sized plateful of food (not piled as high as possible with everything possible piled on there !) and a small bowl of ice cream with a pineapple fritter for dessert. Yum ! Could have been worse ! *Mutters it's that SlimPod again !*

This week's target 

Last week's target was :Get back into work routine but maintain the healthy cooking from scratch every day. I managed that. :)

This week's target is : a loss, however small.

STILL TO GO : 12.8kg
CHANGE THIS WEEK : no weigh in

Feel free to add your weightloss posts to our weekly linkie - it's great to see how everyone else has been getting on and give each other support and encouragement :)

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Disclosure : I'm currently using a Thinking Slimmer SlimPod and a WeightWatchers Online subscription, in return for honest feedback. I also receive regular hampers of WeightWatchers products, and have also benefitted from a one-month Jenny Craig trial.


  1. I'm having the week off too :)

  2. I don't think it hurts to take a break, well done so far

  3. Slipping down jeans is always a positive, way to go :)

  4. I agree weighing in after breakfast doesn't count, hope you enjoyed Mothers day. Best of luck for next week xx


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