Wednesday 6 March 2013

Win yourself a £500 holiday voucher !

The sun has got his hat on, hip-hip-hip-hooray
The sun has got his hat on and he's coming out today ! ...

It's a lovely sunny day here today - the first one we've had for a long time - which made me wonder (slightly prematurely, I know !) if we've got any sun cream in the cupboard. I found a bottle, shook it to see how much was left, had a sniff and was mentally transported to a scorching summer afternoon sitting by the pool in an exotic location. Smells are always great at bringing back memories, as are tastes of things you've only ever eaten on holiday. Or drunk. Every time I smell or taste a Mojito, I'm reminded of Tunisia last year. Blue Sprite will forever be associated with Turkey the year before.

Well, if I've got you dreaming of a holiday ... or a cocktail ... or quite probably both, then I have the ideal competition for you to enter. There is a fabulous prize up for grabs over on the Facebook page - a £500 holiday voucher which can be used towards a holiday of your choosing with You could be headed for a city break, a beach holiday, a favourite destination or a longed to visit place, whatever you're dreaming of ! The competition is on the trivia tab on the Facebook page. You'll need to name the cocktail so to make it easier, you can watch the quick video below :

Good luck if you enter - any idea where you'd go if you won? We're off to Morocco this year but I'd love to visit somewhere in the USA or Canada with the kids at some point.

Disclosure : I'll be receiving a Tails cocktail as a thank you for posting about the competition. I may have to drink it in a bikini and oversized sunhat next to the kids' paddling pool so that I can dream about being on holiday !

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