Saturday 16 March 2013

What's for dinner at the Madhouse next week? menu plan 16/3

This week has been the week from hell workwise. All of my half-days - Wednesday afternoon, Friday afternoon AND Saturday morning - disappeared as unpaid overtime due to the school's open day so I've had no time to do anything around the house, and that includes washing. I have a huge pile waiting for me tomorrow - in fact, I'm not sure what my biggest pile is, washing or marking. *sigh*

This week, I therefore didn't have time to do my menu planning before Madhouse Daddy Mike did the weekly shop (he usually gets a shopping list with everything I'll need) so it'll be a case of using up whatever's in.

Saturday :

lunch - McDonald's - I'll be straight out of school open day and won't have time to cook.

dinner - Madhouse Daddy' Mike's vegetable soup

Sunday :

lunch -  roast dinner, either chicken or lamb (we have both in the freezer) with roast potatoes or maybe rice and vegetables depending on what we get in our veg box

dinner - sandwiches or soup, if anyone's hungry

Monday : 

dinner - Chinese special fried rice, using up the leftover meat and veg from yesterday's roast

Tuesday :

dinner - fish pie (if there's some fish in the freezer) or smoked mackerel with boiled potatoes and vegetables - or possibly something more exciting if I manage to find a recipe online using smoked mackerel

Wednesday :

lunch - it's a quick Madhouse Daddy Mike special : beefburgers and rice or pasta or leftovers from yesterday

dinner -  red cabbage will be the main ingredient, possibly with apple and onion, and some meat from the freezer, possibly cooked in the slow cooker

Thursday :

dinner - pasta with a tomato-based sauce of some description - I may use up a jar from the cupboard and sneak in loads of extra veggies

Friday :

So what are you eating next week?

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  1. Smoked mackerel fishcakes? if you like them, of course. Or a kedgeree (not my favourite British food, lol).

  2. Well we're all full of the flu virus in this house and I am the main cook :-( So Sunday will be a cooked bought chicken and veg that I already have in, with everyone pitching in to help as I have no energy to stand for long :-( Tomorrow will be sandwiches for lunch & something from my freezer I can just chuck in my Airfryer for Tea or tuna pasta because it's quick & easy to make :-) That's as far as I've got! lol

    1. sounds like a week for ready meals and frozen pizza to me ! Look after yourselves, hope you feel better soon xxx

  3. sounds yummy, the sausage casserole recipe looks great


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