Thursday 7 March 2013

How about giving a gift to a mum who really needs it for mothers' day?

Whether you're looking for a mother's day gift for your own mum or dropping hints for your other half or kids, stop and think for a moment. Do you really need another overpriced bunch of flowers or calorie-laden box of chocolates? How about buying a gift for a mother who really needs it instead? Or, if you fancy being pampered, why not add it on as an extra gift, maybe from one of the kids as you can actually help give the gift of life (or at least a better life) at pocket-money prices. Read on to find out how you can help UNICEF to make a world of difference.


The first 1,000 days of a child’s life (from pregnancy until the child’s second birthday) are the critical window of opportunity for children to get the right nutrients they need to develop properly. Intellectual and physical growth is the most rapid in this time, with doubling of brain size and quadrupling of body weight in the first 1,000 days of a child’s life.

If a child is malnourished during these early years, much of the damage is irreversible, they will never learn or earn as much as they could have if they got the right vitamins and minerals in early life.

Children don’t just need food – they need the right food in order to grow up healthy and be able to reach their potential.

Around the world a staggering one in four children are not getting the nourishing food they need to grow up healthy and reach their potential.

So in the run up to Mother’s Day we’re asking UK mums to help give children around the world the best start in life, by spreading the word and buying micronutrient sprinkles at

When mums add these magical sprinkles to even the most basic meals, it helps ensure that children get the vitamins and nutrients they need to grow up healthy and reach their potential.

 £3 helps make sure that a child gets the best possible start in life with almost five months worth of UNICEF’s special micronutrientsprinkles. 

Surely that's a gift that would make you feel better than a bunch of flowers that will be in the bin by the end of the week !

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  1. What a really great idea for mothers day. Whenever I'm asked what I want I always say 'nothing' and then end up with something anyway so it's a great idea to say 'could you dontate whatever you would spend on me to this charity instead'. I love it :-)

  2. Yes I am a form believer in I want nothing for Mothers Day, I know my kids love me and appreciate me because they come back raiding my fridge and borrowing money when they are skint. No joking aside it is a good idea, that so little makes so much of a difference.


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