Tuesday 19 March 2013

Remember The Motherhood rap? Get ready for The Fatherhood !

You may remember, back in December, I told you about a hilarious video by Fiat, called The Motherhood. If you missed that one, click through to see it - it is bound to strike a chord with any mum and it had me in stitches !

Well, they've gone and done it again, this time showing the dad's side in their new video called The Fatherhood.

This time, they've changed musical genres from rap to electro pop/new romantics. As a child of the eighties, it was a real blast of nostalgia - I haven't seen those octagonal drum kits since I was lusting after Nik Kershaw and Spandau Ballet ! I kept trying to spot who they were taking the mickey out of. The opening section reminded me of Gary Numan's "Cars" and I couldn't decide if the woman wafting around in a floaty white dress with the unicorn was supposed to be a throwback to Kate Bush or the scary one in the "Stay" video by Shakespeare's Sister !

It's all very silly - I love the unicorn dancing in the back of the car - but the lyrics are spot on. Just as mums everywhere giggled as they recognised themselves in the Motherhood rap video, dads everywhere will grin wryly as they identify with the night-time baby chauffeur in this clip.

However much you love your kids, I'm sure any parent will own up to having the odd silent scream moment at some point, especially when sleep deprivation is turning you into a gibbering wreck, so the tongue-in-cheek lines like : "You've ruined all my favourite clothes and peed in my bedding, but I'll get my own back when I'm dancing at your wedding" had me giggling !

Watching car adverts usually wouldn't be high up on my list of fun things to do, but if Fiat have any more of these up their sleeves, I may have to change my mind on that one ! I'm feeling slightly miffed though - the basis of this video was a nationwide survey that revealed that new parents drive 1,300 miles a year on average trying to get their kids to sleep. In our house, I was always the one wandering up and down with them in a baby carrier or breastfeeding until they fell asleep - Madhouse Daddy Mike got off quite lightly, it appears !

If you're thinking I should be telling you more about the car, you might like to know that the car in the video is the new Fiat 500L which is targetting new parents as the ideal family car. 

Disclosure : This is a sponsored, but hopefully still entertaining, post !

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