Saturday 30 March 2013

Belvita Cranberry Breakfast Biscuits review

A few weeks ago, Belvita sent me a lovely package through for Mothers Day. (Well, it actually arrived a little after Mothers Day because they had a problem with their suppliers, but it's the thought that counts !) It had some lovely treats in it to help get my day off to a good start - a Belvita mug, a beautiful flowery travel mug and an Organised Mum menu planner/shopping list pad which is really useful. They also put in two packs of their Cranberry Breakfast biscuits.

Now, I wouldn't dream of sending the kids off to school without making sure they had something in their tummies, but I admit that I do it frequently, partly because I'm not hungry but also through lack of time. My alarm is already set for 6.15am so I don't want to get up even earlier just to find the time to sort out breakfast for me. Since taking part in Breakfast Week and Shaking Up My Wake Up, I have been trying to change my bad ways though, so the Belvita biscuits are ideal. They come in individually sealed packs of 4 biscuits so I can easily pop one in my pocket to eat at the bus stop, along with a little bottle of Actimel and a piece of fruit for a perfectly balanced breakfast.

From reading on the pack, I learned that Belvita Breakfast biscuits are scientifically proven to slowly release carbohydrates over four hours, so they give you energy for the whole morning and keep you going until lunchtime. The new Cranberry biscuits are a tasty combination of wholegrain cereals and cranberry pieces and they contain vitamins E, B1, B3, Iron and Magnesium. They are crunchy, slightly chewy and very tasty. The cranberries give them some sweetness and prevent them from being too dry.

I was impressed to learn that Belvita actually have ten different varieties available - as well as Cranberry, you have the choice between Milk & Cereals, Fruit & Fibre, Honey & Nuts, Crunchy Oats, Forest Fruits, Muesli, Yogurt Crunch, Honey & Live Yogurt Crunch and Strawberry & Live Yogurt Duo Crunch - so you could have a different flavour every day of the week !

A pack of 4 Belvita Cranberry biscuits contains 216 calories, 6g of fat (of which 2g saturated), 3g of fibre and 9g of sugar.

for more information :

Disclosure : I received a lovely Mothers' Day package from Belvita, but they didn't ask me to blog about it.

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  1. I like the honey and nut (with chocolate chunks) best then the forest fruits and cranberry <3

  2. I eat a lot of Belvita biscuits, I think they taste really good

  3. I keep hearing and seeing adverts for these and keep meaning to give them a try, thanks for reminding me, they are now onmy shopping list.


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