Saturday 16 March 2013

HARIBO Easter Fun Bucket & Easter gifts review

I had to giggle when I started reading the press release from Haribo last week - "Do you remember when the Easter bunny used to bounce around your garden and home creating hours of fun hiding tasty treats for you to find?" Well, he still does here at The Madhouse ! Although hours is pushing it - the Madhouse Mini-testers race around and find everything within minutes (which is just as well or the dogs would get to them !). One problem that we usually have is worrying about the chocolate treats melting in the sun (but funnily enough, I don't predict it being a problem this year - I couldn't get to work on Tuesday morning because of the snow and ice !). Well, Haribo have the perfect solution - they've created an Easter Hunt Bucket and kindly sent us one through - along with some other goodies I'll tell you about in a moment - to review.

The Easter Fun Bucket (available exclusively at Tesco's - RRP £4) contains 32 mini bags of gummy and jelly sweets and, especially for Easter, they come in cute chick and rabbit shapes. Not only are they less likely to melt in the sun than chocolate, they are also portion-controlled so may help prevent your kids (or yourself !) pigging out on vast quantities of chocolate. The bucket will also come in handy for storing Playmobil or Hama beads, once the Madhouse Mini-testers have finished using it for collecting their Easter loot.

To complete the Easter Hunt experience, you can also go to the Haribo website to download their free Easter Hunt Pack. It contains some Easter-themed masks (a cute rabbit, lamb and chick) for your little ones to print out and colour in, as well as clue cards and animal footprints to print and cut out to help guide the Mini-hunters looking for their Easter treats. I'll definitely be using this on Easter Sunday to make it all even more exciting.

We also discovered Bouncing Bunnies, a box of portion-controlled sweets that transforms into a home for bunnies with pop-out characters on the packaging. And, as its name suggests, the Twist 'n' Stick box that  twists to create different characters that you can stick funky accessories to. You can have fun mixing up the animals so that the chick gets the bunny's head, and so on. Oh, and it's full of sweets too, obviously -  Chirping Chicks and Jelly Bunnies !

We also received a box of Haribo Starmix that come with "Eggstras" in honour of Easter. As fried egg sweets always take me back to spending my odd dinner money pennies at the school tuckshop (it seems inconceivable to have a shop selling fizzy pop, chocolate bars, penny sweets and crisps on school premises now ! It wasn't THAT long ago though !), I was very pleased to find these had been added to the normal mix. Yum !

Having eaten many Haribo sweets in my time, I didn't need to taste these ones to tell you how soft, chewy and fruity they are, so I've carefully hidden these ones away to use on Easter Sunday. If you have any dairy-intolerant children to buy an Easter gift for, the Haribo offerings may make a nice alternative to the usual chocolate eggs. The Easter downloads are great for keeping the kids entertained during the Easter holidays too.

(Some items in the range are stocked exclusively in one supermarket chain, so click through to see what's available where before you go shopping, if you want something in particular.)

Disclosure : I received a selection of Easter treats from Haribo in order to write an honest review.

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  1. my oldest is not a chocolate fan at all - strange child! these look a great alternative :)


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