Thursday 24 July 2014

Beat the rush (& the budget) for school uniform with Aldi's School Shop

It always seems a bit cruel to me that as soon as the kids break up, the shops break out the "back to school" promotions but it is a good idea to get all that shopping out of the way before heading off on holiday. Aldi's self-proclaimed "first stop for your school shop" opens today and it is well worth a look.

Here's what they sent through for us to have a look at. It's lovely quality and the prices are unbelievably low. Even better, the whole range - which caters for kids aged 4 to 11 - has blanket prices whatever the size. (I always hate prices that say "from £1.99" and when you get the size you need, it's double or triple that.) 

All of Aldi's school uniforms have been independently quality tested by Intertek, a worldwide testing laboratory, for a whole range of things including stay-white whites, greys that don't fade, knees that don't wear thin, hems that don't drop, pleats that stay put and washing survivability.

Just check out the prices :

Children's Plimsolls - £1.49
Girls’/Boys’ Plain Polo Shirts - pack of 2, £1.25
Girls’/Boys' Short Sleeve Shirts - pack of 2, £1.99
Boys'/Girls' Round Neck T-Shirts - pack of 2, £1.79
Boys’/Girls’ Round Neck Sweater - £1.25
Girls’ Pleated Skirt - £1.50
Girls’/Boys’ Trousers - £1.50
Girls’/Boys' Scuff-Resistant Shoes - £6.99
Girls'/Boys' Padded Jacket - £9.99

They also have a selection of stationery and learning books, as well as lunchboxes. 

This is a Special Buy promotion that hits the shops today so I would recommend you get in quick because, at those prices, it won't last long !

Disclosure : We received some clothing in order to write an honest review.

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