Wednesday 16 July 2014

Our Peppa Pig Oinkestra fun

As I told you last week (here), Peppa Pig blew out ten candles on her birthday cake on 5th July - it's hard to believe but she has been on our screens for a whole decade ! To mark the occasion, Nick Jr sent us through an amazing box of goodies.

There were some lovely Peppa-themed party goodies - plates, cups, serviettes and a tablecloth, which will be used tomorrow for someone else who is celebrating his birthday this month. Pierre will be five tomorrow - where is the time going ?!

We also discovered a whole range of Peppa Pig musical instruments, perfect for creating our very own Oinkestra.

There was something else we had to do first though - can you guess what ?

After cutting up the egg box and painting the bits pink, we had ...

Peppa Pig noses ! We even recycled the packaging from the musical instruments as paint trays and painting mats. After leaving them to dry and adding strings, they looked great.

Here's Pierre the one-man-band oinkestra !

There was one more thing in the box, which I will tell you about in the next blogpost ... make sure you don't miss it because it will be a giveaway !

Happy birthday Peppa !
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  1. With my children being in their 20's & 30's, I'm only just discovering Peppa Pig through my grand children. But I love the way they all lay on their backs when they laugh, that makes me laugh, not laying on back I hasten to add!

  2. A super performance from Pierre! Eddie watched it twice then said Let's watch it again. :)

    1. LOL aww too cute !! I stopped filming but he was still going - I don't think he ever would have stopped !!

    2. Tell Pierre we watched it again! Love how he goes tu-tu-tu-tu

  3. such a cute video, my youngest loves nick jr

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  5. Looks like loads of fun making Peppa Pig noses, I hope everyone has lots of celebrating Pierre's birthday with all the Peppa Pig goodies. Popping in from Magic Moments

  6. My daughter would love all this. I am actually a bit of a Peppy Pig fan - got to love Grumpy Rabbit!

  7. Happy birthday to both Peppa and Pierre. Must admit to being a big Peppa Pig fan, my little boy has grew out of it now, but my niece adores it.


  8. I remember seeing the very first Peppa Pig with my daughter when she was just a little piglet! Now, 10 years later my son Oscar absolutely loves the show. Will definitely look out for your giveaway :D

    Linking up from the Magic Moments Link Up!

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  9. SO generous of them to do this! 10 years! Ive only recently got to know Peppa and her funny family and I love them to bits as well. My son loves them too and I love that I know he is learning to face problems with sense of humor like how Peppa handle her life, with a lot of muddy puddles & happy outlook =) #magicmoments


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