Friday 11 July 2014

How to make your teen/tween daughters' day !

Cake Angels had kindly sent us through a selection of cake decorating goodies - sprinkles and chocolate swirls in every colour of the rainbow, as well as a pot of ready-to-use vanilla icing that tasted so good, I had to fight the kids off with a wooden spoon to stop them eating it straight out of the tub ! - so, as it was raining again, I decided to knock up some quick fairy cakes.

I wanted some fairly bland cakes because I knew I'd be going heavy on the icing, so I used a simple 150g sugar/150g margarine/150g flour/3 eggs recipe. Once they been in the oven for ten minutes, then cooled on a wire rack, I used a piping bag to ice them with that deliciously thick vanilla icing I mentioned.

I put fancy paper cupcake holders around them to make them look extra special and sprinkled multicoloured hundreds and thousands on top.

But this was the bit that made them squeal - I used the edible One Direction cake toppers that I'd received with my 1D party supplies !

As predicted, they were met with squeals of delight !

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  1. 1Direction you can eat? Ha ha. The cakes look fab :)

  2. these look great, the little paper holders are cute

  3. I definitely need to make these for 6 year old Piper - she absolutely adores one direction! I think it's so cute and it takes me back to my girly crush on Donny Osmond. I still think he's fab all these years later - I wonder whether 1D will still be around when Piper is all grown up :-)


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