Friday 11 July 2014

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan - 11/7/14

This week's plan is clearing out my sachets and jars cupboard. There are things that have been lurking in there for far too long !


lunch - probably McDonald's soft play, so salmon salad for me

dinner - chicken curry and rice


lunch -  roast or bbq

dinner - leftovers or cheese on toast


lunch - pasta bake

dinner - Spanish chicken with garden herb potatoes and Mediterranean veg


lunch - risotto bake

dinner - pan baked chicken (with Italian Herbs So Tender sachet) with baked potatoes


lunch - fajitas

dinner - Malaysian Laksa with noodles


lunch - toad in the hole with mash and beans

dinner -  chicken and leek bake with garlic & herb wedges


lunch - Mexican chicken with couscous and salad

dinner - oriental grilled beef with broccoli and stir fried veg

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  1. You definitely have much fancier meals (Including lunches) than me. I tend to do the same things each week, but have started researching recipes and trying out new ones each week. Only so many times can keep doing the grilled chicken, grilled pork chops, casserole, chili, etc. each week. Might not get as fancy as yours, but have added in Lasagna, Hunters Chicken, Pizza topped chicken, etc... So doing a bit better

    1. This all sounds fancy but it's mainly sachets of seasoning and jars of sauce this week so I'm cheating!

  2. I like having a cupboard clear week too, helps the purse strings once in a while too. Love your recipe ideas

  3. My wife likes clearing the cupboards. We seem to have a lot of half full jars of peanut butter lately :D

  4. See my meal plan also because I am trying to have this sort of clear out on a regular basis.

  5. Everything sounds fab! I'm liking the sound of the Malaysian Laksa with noodles :)


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