Wednesday 16 July 2014

Madhouse recipe : Orange Jelly Brioche Summer Pudding

As I mentioned yesterday, Brioche Pasquier sent me through some of their Sliced Brioche Loaves and asked me to come up with a recipe using it. After making Brioche Pinwheels, I decided to make a jelly version of a summer pudding and I was actually really pleased with how it came out.

 Orange Jelly Summer Pudding

ingredients :

8 slices of Brioche Loaf
1 orange jelly
1 tin of mandarin oranges

Cut the crusts off the slices of brioche and cut each slice in half.

Use these slices to line the sides of a bowl.

Make up an orange jelly using the juice from the can of mandarin oranges within the recommended quantity of water. Once it's dissolved, add the mandarin oranges. Pour into the bowl on top of the brioche slices. Warning - they will float so push them into place until they have soaked up enough liquid to stay more or less in place.

Place a whole slice (minus the crusts) of brioche on top to hold the brioche strips in place. Put in the fridge for several hours until the jelly sets.

This was the moment of truth - would it hold its shape when I tipped it out of the bowl?!

Well, I was amazed to see that yes, it did !

Use a knife and a spoon to serve slices.

The brioche soaks up the jelly liquid but doesn't disintegrate. The kids loved the "hidden" fruit in the middle - you could mix this up with other flavours of jelly and fresh fruit too.

Disclosure : I received some Brioche Pasquier products in order to take part in the challenge.

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