Sunday 27 July 2014

Dreams can come true - Vodafone #First campaign

Vodafone are asking people to come up with ideas of firsts that they would like to experience and they’ll be making 10 of those dreams come true. I can hear your brains whirring from here - what can you come up with?  #first trip abroad? #first time sleeping in a 5-star hotel? #first time bungee-jumping? #first bike ride for your kids? #first time meeting your long-lost auntie who lives in Australia?

To inspire you, here's a recent #First that Vodafone did to make some young boys' dreams come true. The Anokye Stars are a local Ghanaian under -15's football team made up of boys who spend all of their spare time practising their skills on a dusty patch of mud. Having heard that they’d always wanted to play in the UK, the Vodafone team flew them over and organised for them to play in a North London tournament  before being given a tour of the Emirates Stadium - something that they’d always dreamed of.

Vodafone went to the local village that the boys were from and installed a mobile internet connection along with an inflatable screen so that they could stream the game live and all of the community could rally together to support the boys. Not only was it a first for them, it was made all that much more special when the boys won!

These weren't the only #firsts though - it was also their #first trip abroad and their commentary on the bus ride around London is hilarious !

You've got just under a fortnight to get your pitches in so don't delay - head over to

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