Saturday 5 July 2014

Happy 10th birthday Peppa Pig !

Oinky birthday to you, Oinky birthday to you, Oinky birthday dear Peppa, Oinky birthday to you !

Unbelievable as it may seem, today marks 10 years since the nation’s favourite pig was first broadcast on Nick Jr. For the last few weeks, fans have been uploading videos of their oinks online to join the Nick Jr. Peppa Pig’s Oinkestra at or through the Nick Jr. UK Facebook page. Some of the little oinkers get to see themselves at the start of the programme, oinking along to the much-loved Peppa Pig theme song - how cool is that ?! Entrants also got a free pack of Peppa Pig activity sheets and on their facebook page, Nick Jr mention emailing them to get one if you missed out - their status says : "please email with the subject ‘OINKESTRA’ and we will send you an activity pack."

The special anniversary celebrations culminate this weekend with the ultimate Oink-a-thon, where fans can tune in to watch the Top 20 Peppa Pig episodes, as voted by fans, on Nick Jr. 5-6th July 10:30am-5:00pm. (That's your weekend viewing sorted then !)

Nick Jr sent us through a lovely package of goodies to kick off the celebrations which I will tell you all about in an upcoming blogpost - there will even be a cheeky little giveaway so look out for that too. In the meantime, happy viewing with your little Peppa fans !

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