Monday 14 July 2014

Little Adventures with Barny (and his cousin Lulu !) at the park

Do you know already Barny, the delicious sponge bear with a hidden centre that is available in four flavours - chocolate, milk, apple and strawberry?

We did, here at The Madhouse, because we've already known his French cousin Lulu for a long time ! 

Mumsnet sent us through a couple of boxes and invited us to take Barny (and the Madhouse kids) out for a little adventure. We decided to go to the park - a bench in the shade, a good book for me and two boxes of Barny waiting for the kids when they need a refuel. What more could I need for a lovely peaceful hour ?! 

I didn't get to read much, as it turned out, because the Madhouse kids soon came over for their yummy treat and wanted me to follow them around with the camera as they posed with their new cake-friends !

First, Barney had a little play on the castle.

Until Juliette could resist no longer and bit his ear off !

Closely followed by the rest of his head !

Then she decided that the bouncy dragon might like a little taste.

And the lion statue didn't want to miss out either !

They couldn't decide which was their favourite - strawberry or chocolate.

As each bear is only 106 calories, I relented and let them have one of each !

We'll definitely have to look out for the apple and milk varieties to see if they're just as yummy. The fact that they are individually wrapped makes them ideal for snacks on the go or for keeping in my bag for "emergencies" !

Disclosure : We received the product from Mumsnet, in order to take part in the #littleadventures challenge. See what everyone got up to on the linky here :

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  1. faye huntington14 July 2014 at 13:18

    these look delicious - i'll reccomend them to my sister in law for her daughter! :) faye x


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