Sunday 20 July 2014

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan - 18/7/14

This week's menu plan is two days late, which just goes to show that we're taking advantage of the holidays because I haven't been in fornt of the computer long enough to write it ! 


lunch -  off to McDonald's - soft play for the kids and we need to drop off Sophie to meet her One Direction fan-mates !

dinner - a big salad with bacon, mushrooms, onions, apple, tomatoes, olives ...


lunch -  roast chicken with roast potatoes and veggies

dinner - Reuben sandwiches (toasted cheese and corned beef sandwiches, for the #readcookeat challenge)


lunch - cheesy veggie & bacon bake

dinner - mildly spiced chicken curry (with raisins and coconut) and rice


lunch - pork chops with creamy tagliatelle

dinner - chicken satay with stir-fried veggie noodles


lunch - fajitas

dinner -homemade pizzas with salad


lunch - chicken and leek bake with garlic & herb wedges (this got bumped off last week's menu when we went for an impromptu picnic !)

dinner -  pasta bake or cannelloni or lasagne


lunch - Mexican chicken with couscous and salad

dinner - twice baked potatoes

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  1. Some super yummy ideas there - really do need to start making a Meal Plan for the week!!

  2. Curry sounds lovely! Fajitas are one of our favourites :) #MealPlanningMonday


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