Tuesday 15 July 2014

Madhouse recipe : Brioche Pinwheels

Brioche Pasquier recently sent us through some of their deliciously soft and squidgy Sliced Brioche Loaves and invited us to come up with some recipes to use it. The kids managed to polish off the first loaf before I even got a look-in, so I decided to get in quick with the other loaf before they ate that too !

This first recipe is a quick and simple snack idea that works really well for party food or picnics.

 Brioche Pinwheels

ingredients :

Sliced Brioche Pasquier loaf
something sticky like Nutella/jam/honey
hundreds and thousands/silver balls/popping candy (optional)

First flatten the slices of brioche with a rolling pin.

Spread them with something sticky - we used Nutella but jam, honey or peanut butter would also work well, or you could go for a savoury version with spreadable cheese or pesto. Sprinkle with cake decorations like hundreds and thousands or silver balls, or if you want a real surprise in the middle, why not try some popping candy ?!

Roll them up tightly and press down to make sure it stays stuck together.

Cut into slices with a sharp knife. Serve and wait for the squeals !

Disclosure : I received some Brioche Pasquier products in order to take part in the challenge.

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  1. Clever idea, thanks for sharing :) Great fun for kids too!

  2. Oh, that's a super idea for entertaining kids, might use it for Eddie's party too.

  3. These are great, used to make similar for my children when they went through a phase and wouldn't eat normal sandwiches, they just liked finger foods and these at 1 bite big were perfect. I like the idea of using nutella etc, I used to make savoury ones, dairylea or other cream cheese works really well. I used to find getting much of a roll going was a bit of a problem as the bread was often not thin enough and what I used to do to make daintier rolls was use a rolling pin on the bread before putting the filling on. You need to be careful to do this quite lightly though otherwise you end up with the bread getting really pappy and mushy!

  4. looks yummy, must give them a try!


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