Wednesday 16 July 2014

How's your bingo lingo?!

Chances are, you’ve played at least one game of bingo in your life. Maybe you enjoyed the activity in a local bingo hall or from the comfort of your own home using online bingo websites – but there is one thing that is likely to remain consistent, and that’s the use of bingo calls in the game. Familiar examples have made their way into common knowledge but more obscure options are often unknown or forgotten … until now !

A funtastic bingo campaign is putting all 90 calls into 90 videos so that you have a definitive video guide to the game. As I mentioned before, we were invited to take part and had lots of fun and giggles creating our videos, as this example for number 86: between the sticks shows.

This is just one of the videos - you can view all 90 of them on the YouTube channel right now. (Click on playlists then Bingo Calls on Video if you can't find it.) See if you can spot me - I'm in seven of them in total (including the one above, which should give you a big clue for the others if you look at the colour of the walls and what I'm wearing !) I'm still trying to work out who some of the other bloggers are so let me know if you're in them or if you recognise them. I'm glad  to see I wasn't the only one to behave like a total loony in some of them !

Disclosure : This is a collaborative post.

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