Tuesday 22 July 2014

Flash Liquid-Gel review

Savvy Circle recently invited me to join in their latest campaign for Flash Liquid-Gel.

As the packaging proudly announced, this award-winning, multi-purpose cleaner can be used on floors and worktops. I love the fact that this avoids grabbing multiple bottles of cleaning products out of the cupboard and also avoids clashing fragrances when you mix and match different product ranges. It's also a powerful cleaner, offering - according to the manufacturer - 2.5 times more power in every drop. Not sure how they work that out though !

I couldn't help but start singing a slightly modified version of Queen's Flash Gordon as I started using it in the kitchen :

Flash a-ah, Cleaner of the Universe
Flash a-ah, He'll clean every one of us
Flash a-ah, He's a miracle
Flash a-ah, King of the impossible

Works for every surface,
Cleans for every one of us
He cleans with a mighty hand
Every floor, every worktop
Every room, with a mighty Flash !

Who says cleaning has to be a chore ?!

I love the vibrant yellow colour and the gorgeously fresh and fruity zingy lemon fragrance. For small areas, you can squirt it straight on undiluted then use a wet cloth or sponge and for larger areas you can use a mop and bucket and dilute it. After Flash Gordon, I think I was practising being Zorro here - must be having a superhero day ! I have to say, the really convenient "squirt to dose" format (it cuts off once you've dispensed enough)  is great fun, as well as avoiding any messy measuring of capfuls or using too much product. That's kinder on the planet as well as the pocket.

After a particularly nasty incident with a blocked toilet a couple of weeks ago, I used it on the floor of the toilet, as well as all over the cistern. Everything was sparkling clean and smelt lovely and fresh with very little effort (I almost said "in a flash" without meaning to !). It's a great timesaver being able to use the one product everywhere  - the gorgeous zesty fragrance is the deal breaker for me though.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £2.48 for 400ml (currently on offer for £1.25 at Tesco's)

Disclosure: I received the product in order to provide honest feedback and spread the word about the product for Savvy Circle.

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  1. Flash is the best! I remember my mum using it (when it used to be a powder in a box) when I was kid.

  2. I do love Flash, as you say it has a wonderful fresh lemon smell. Whilst it cleans well. Thanks for the review. Like the idea of concentrates, as smaller / lighter bottle etc.

    Rachel Craig


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