Monday 21 July 2014

Wondering what One Direction Monopoly looks like ?

You may remember me telling you a couple of weeks ago about Ocado sending us a One Direction Monopoly to play with. With two One Direction fans in the house, I knew it would be received with rapturous squeals, but as an old-fashioned Monopoly fan, I was a bit apprehensive. Would it be as good as the original game?

Well, it's actually not bad at all. There were a couple of things that threw me, such as the Quick Play rules and the extra Quick Play red die, that probably exist in the modern version of the original Monopoly game but I'm using to playing with a vintage game bought back in the eighties. The Madhouse Mini-testers didn't really know how to play proper Monopoly but they soon picked up on the rules, even 5-year-old Pierre. The constant One Direction references made it much more exciting for them.

The Monopoly money looks just the same as in the original version, although it does have One Direction written on it.

I was a bit surprised to see the regular dog, boot, car, hat, etc figures to move around the board - I was expecting something One Direction-themed. Maybe not figures of the boys (although that would be cool !) but at least something to do with music or fame.

The Community Chest is replaced by #OneDirection cards.

And Chance cards are replaced by This Is Us. Both work well - they've adapted many of the regular Monopoly cards so that they're 1D themed - but there aren't many of them. We worked our way through the whole lot and had to start going through again, which was a shame - I don't remember this happening with the regular Chance and Community Chest cards.

Instead of buying properties, you buy songs and tours, so it didn't make sense to me that you wanted to buy houses and hotels to put on them - maybe they could have replaced them with awards or golden discs or something. The fact that they were faced with a big colourful picture of their heartthrobs throughout the game made sure that the girls absolutely loved playing though. I was slightly dubious to begin with but it does actually work quite well.

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