Monday 14 July 2014

Nike Air Pegasus 31 Women's Running Shoes review

Sophie is a happy bunny again ! She's still only 12 (admittedly, she becomes a teenager in exactly one month's time - wish me luck !) and she already has whopping size 8 and a half feet. Trying to buy shoes for her has been an absolute nightmare because many shoe shops don't go up that far in women's sizes. In desperation, we've even been looking in the men's section but there's nothing in there to appeal to a fashion conscious teen. When sent me through a pair of running shoes to review for them a couple of months ago - I chose the Nike Free 4.0 V3 model - I noticed that they catered for big feet and had a look through for Sophie. Those lovely people at offered to send her through a pair too, so she went happily searching through for a pair to take her fancy.

She finally settled on the  Nike Air Pegasus 31 Women's Running Shoes - the photo doesn't really show it up but these are almost fluorescent pink. Sophie thinks they're amazingly cool and has been bouncing around the room in them - which led her to say that they're also really comfortable, like walking on pillows or wearing slippers. She also likes the fact that when she's out and about, she can feel the air circulating around her feet, which is great for avoiding sweaty, stinky feet ! This is presumably due to the mesh upper, designed to reduce the weight of the shoe as well as provide ventilation.

Technically speaking, they have deep flex grooves to enhance flexibility and allow your foot to move in a more natural manner, as well as a forefoot cross rocker, which aids natural movement and helps to lessen the risk of injury.  They also have a Cushlon midsole that extends the full length of the shoe to deliver durable, responsive cushioning and attenuate shockwaves. They also have a rubber waffle outsole with a lateral crash rail, so they are durable and grippy, offering great stability and traction when running.

At the moment, Sophie is more interested in posing in them than actually doing any running so she's been wearing them for walking around town with her friends and just general day-to-day walking. They're comfortable right from day one and have caused absolutely no blisters or rubbing. All of her friends have said that they're very cool !

These shoes are available in sizes 3-9 so if you have a big-footed teen, definitely go and have a look !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £79.99

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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  1. They're really cute! I love the bright pink!


  2. They look and sound great. Nice that your daughter got the opportunity to try these :- As seems she has attained appropriate shoe size, style and comfort, all in one shoe product. I like trainers, and on a recent shopping trip, was surprised by staff asking me what the trainers were for.When I browsing, suppose nowadays there is so much choice, and variety of footwear for a variety of sports etc. I seem a bit like your daughter shoes / trainers for walking. Though I must say appropriate footwear :- Size, width, fit, support, durability, weatherproof, comfort etc are all important. As our feet need to be cared for, yet we often seem to take them for granted. Thanks for the review.

    Rachel Craig

  3. These look fantastic, my daughter would love a pair, sadly they're a little out of my price range though.


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