Friday 18 July 2014

Madhouse diaries : Birthday adventure

Yesterday, Pierre turned five years old - wow, the last of my "babies" is growing up fast ! We waited for Madhouse Daddy to come home for lunch before opening the presents.

And giggling as Madhouse Daddy pretended to be a ninja !

And having a rather snazzy birthday cake with candles. Once all the "traditional" birthday stuff was out of the way, I asked the birthday boy what he wanted to do and he said "go for an adventure".

So we did !

We headed to the woods to beat the heat.

Dressed as a Ninja Turtle, as you do !

Pierre was up in front and cracked me up with all his ninja moves as we walked along the shady paths !

We climbed a tree that had blown over but still keeps growing - much easier than vertical climbing !

We found an enormous geocache.

The kids played on the swings.

Pierre giggled as he posed for the photos making rabbit ears that he thought we couldn't see !

We found some ponies (the white one is actually a mule, apparently).

Juliette impressed me by managing to get on all by herself.

Clip clop, clip clop !

Into the home straights !

We found a little tent where children could take part in a drawing competition to "draw your park". Can you guess what Pierre's drawing showed ? The yellow thing is the pony and the red bit is the swings ! Obviously !

We headed over to the other play area and discovered lots of traditional wooden games laid out to play with.

Just as we were heading home, we discovered a fairground ride. Well, I couldn't say no to the birthday boy, could I ?

And to top it all off, he managed to grab the pompom and win himself a free ride !

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  1. Happy belated birthday to Pierre! Lovely photos of a beautiful family!


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