Tuesday 9 September 2014

Kusadasi diaries : Watermelon festival

When we were in Kusadasi (Turkey) last month, our hotel hosted a Watermelon Festival and I was very impressed to watch one of the chefs carving a watermelon in the restaurant at lunchtime. He was doing the one on the left in this photo and he made it look so easy !

When we came back in the evening, there were loads of them, all very impressive.

The kids' favourite was the rabbit. I can't even begin to work out how you'd manage to plan this, to get all the cuts in the right place and the right depth, without the melon caving in.

 I might just about be able to pull off the one on the right though !

There were also punch bowls and fruit salad bowls made out of empty watermelons too, which was very clever.

There was a whole buffet made out of watermelon.

I thought this was a really clever (and diet-friendly !) idea - a "cake" made out of a big slice of watermelon topped with whipped cream and fruit. Sophie had a slice and said it worked well.

There were melon tartlets, melon jelly and melon balls too. 

We weren't keen on the (cold) watermelon soup though.

The watermelon cocktails and mocktails were divine though. Perfect for drinking as the sun went down !

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  1. I hadn't heard of a Watermelon Festival. Haven't visited Turkey. Looks like a great Celebration. The Watermelon carvings look amazing.

    Rachel Craig


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