Monday 29 September 2014

PG Tips = Pampered Girl Tips ?!

A couple of months ago, PG tips launched a fun quiz to determine your PG personali-tea. (You can find it on their Facebook page here.) As they explained, "With so many different varieties available, it’s all about providing teas for every taste and finding the perfect tasting cuppa for your personality." I took the quiz and, as you may have seen on my twitter feed, I came out as Mellow - sounds about right ! 

I was very excited when this fabulous PG Tips tea chest arrived, along with two boxes of tea - The Mellow One and The Fresh One. (You can see what we thought when we reviewed them last year.)

But inside was even more exciting - it was stuffed full of goodies for a lovely relaxing girls' night in : two fabulous mugs (I particularly love the one with a woolly jumper on !), some gorgeous Molton Brown body wash, a wonderfully soft and snuggly dressing gown and a nail varnish with the matching deep purple colour. Perfect for putting my feet up with a cuppa for some well-deserved mellow me-time !

Thanks PG Tips - all that time and I never knew it stood for Pampered Girl !

I'm not the only one with a funky new dressing gown though - the PG Tips monkey will be available from late October in special limited edition 160 packs showing off his personalised gown. By joining the Cuppa Club online, you can get your hands on Monkey's other looks (including the festive Santa one !) too.

for more information :

Disclosure : I received a box of goodies through the post as a thank you for taking the quiz.

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