Wednesday 24 September 2014

My Bucket List : 50 things I'd absolutely love to do before I die !

While we were on holiday, lazing about by the pool or bobbing about in the water, I started compiling a bucket list with Sophie of things we'd love to do at some point in our lives. Most of hers revolved around meeting One Direction and most of mine seem to show my wistful dreaming of getting back to The States on holiday ! (Madhouse Daddy thinks the kids are too young to fully appreciate and remember it - my reply was, maybe, but we're not ! lol)

I decided to write them all down for posterity ... and to see if I can tick at least a few off ! So in no particular order, here's my bucket list :

1. See the Northern Lights (preferably in an exotic location like Norway, Canada or Alaska but they seem to be coming further and further south so I may be able to do it from my back door one day !)

2. Go whale watching (I've actually already done this off the coast of Boston but it was so cool, I want to do it again !)

3. Camp under the stars (proper camping with a tent in a forest, not on a campsite with all mod cons)

4. Spend the night in a log cabin

5. Visit at least one American National Park

6. Go on a boat to the Niagara Falls

7. Take a helicopter ride

8. Go parasailing (I almost did it this year !) or do a parachute jump

9. Have a fish pedi !

10. Ride a horse

11. Ride motorbike pillion

12. Get my kicks on Route 66 !

13. Eat in a proper American diner (in America, mock-ups on this side of the Atlantic don't count !)

14. Visit a Vietnamese floating food market

15. Visit all five continents

16. Go hunting the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland

17. Eat authentic street food in exotic places like Mexico or Thailand

18. Meet someone famous

19. See bears (or even better polar bears) in the wild

20. Go inside an igloo (or one of those ice bars or ice hotels made entirely out of ice)

21. Go panning for gold

22. Find a fossil (we've looked, many times, but never actually found one !)

23. Go star spotting and recognise at least three constellations (Orion's belt is the only one I could point out and name !)

24. Visit (or pass through) all 50 US states (so far I've done New York, Massachussetts, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania and I think we must have gone through New Jersey, Connecticut and Maryland on our travels between Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC)

25. Go fishing - in a boat, off a pier, by a lake, wherever ... I'd probably squeal and run away if I actually caught something though !

26. Do an eskimo roll in a canoe (I had to choose between canoeing club or climbing club at uni and climbing won - otherwise I'd have done this already !)

27. See an iceberg (before they all melt !)

28. Go deep sea diving or snorkelling and see some pretty fish

29. Swim with a dolphin (it was so tempting to do this in Turkey but the dolphins are mistreated and often die in captivity so I didn't want to go)

30. Cuddle a koala !

31. Go and watch a rodeo

32. See a genuine totem pole and soak up the Native American culture (probably ultra touristy now though)

33. See a shooting star (I have done in the past but want to again)

34. Stand behind a waterfall

35. Go hiking up a mountain (I've done Snowdon but it was a long time ago !)

36. See an erupting volcano (maybe from the safety of an aeroplane !)

37. Go husky sledding

38. Take the kids to my childhood holiday haunts in Cornwall

39. Go to a rooftop garden on a skyscraper 

40. Go swimming in a waterfall plunge pool or a mountain lake

41. Visit Australia

42. Spend the night (or maybe just an hour !) in a haunted house

43. Meet up with my online best buddies in real life (you know who you are !)

44. Uncover the secrets of my family history (I got quite some way so I should pick it up again and see what else I can find out)

45. Go sledging (haven't done it since I was a kid - you're never too old, right ?!)

46. Meet Santa in Lapland (almost too late for this with the Madhouse kids so I might have to take the grandkids instead !)

47.Go whitewater rafting

48. Take a yellow cab through New York City

49. Visit Disneyland in the States (I'm sure it's all bigger and better than EuroDisney !)

50. Find 1000 geocaches (I'm on 76 so far !)

What about you? Have you come up with a bucket list? What's on yours?

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  1. An awesome list - some great things on there to keep you busy for years to come! Maybe we can help you with the motorcycle pillion one sometime...

  2. I love thinking of bucket lists, I love reading others even more! I've had a fish pedi and been in an ice bar both were very strange but the rest of your list have alluded me thus far


  3. Great list, I was putting together things I want to do before I am 50 but then realised I haven't got long eeek! Will definitely have to do mine


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