Sunday 14 September 2014

Soreen Orange Fruit Loaf review

Soreen have a new kid loaf on the (chopping) block - a sunshiney orange-flavoured variety. I have to admit, I wasn't too sure when I heard about it - I love the original malt loaf, I love the banana one and I was even won over by the chocolate one, but would orange work? Would the flavour be strong enough?

Well, it's actually rather nice. The addition of orange pieces, tangy fruit juices and sweet sultanas just adds a slightly tart, zingy topnote to the usual malt loaf taste that we all know and love. The loaf is slightly paler than the regular malt loaf but all importantly, they've kept the usual lovely squidgy texture (although I'd love to know - am I the only one whose slices get smaller and smaller the further you get down the loaf because you end up compressing it when you lean on it to cut it ?!)

It's a relatively healthy option if you're watching your waistline - it only contains 1.5% saturated fat and one slice contains 84 calories (as long as you lay off the butter, marmalade or chocolate spread that Soreen suggest slathering all over it !). I actually think it tastes nicest as it is straight from the pack or toasted, with nothing added, so that you really get the benefit of the orange flavour. The kids have been wolfing it down smothered in butter though. I had plans for making a lovely citrussy bread and butter pudding with it but it disappeared before I got a look in !

Initially exclusive to Sainsbury's, the new Orange Soreen loaf is hitting the shelves in ASDA from this month too

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £1.25

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  1. Not seen this in the shops yet, but sounds good, thanks for the review - and yes my malt loaf seems to disappear into itself the further I cut into it (I'm sure it never used to do this when I was a kid, or perhaps my Mum had a better way of cutting it ;)) )

  2. Jan 2017, just bought the orange soreen from aldi, duo pack with original, why have I never seen this before, used to like soreen as a child, bought for hubby and thought I would try the orange, I literally could eat a pack a day opened it half hour ago, probably 2 slices left, delicious, I hope I can get it after aldi promotion it's gorgeous, I just might cry if I can't!!! ��

    1. LOL Go and tweet this to them - they might send you some for being a superfan if you're lucky !!

  3. It’s gorgeous! Bought it from Aldi - loved it and sent back and bought more. Hope it gets into supermarkets regularly!


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