Wednesday 10 September 2014

#alphabetphoto : r is for retro

... or it could be for Robertson's jam. Do you remember the Robertson's gollies? You used to be able to collect tokens for badges and figurines off the jam and marmalade jars. I'd forgotten all about them until I saw these on the shelf on a recent visit home ! I always thought they'd been pulled because they weren't very politically correct, but apparently it was just because they stopped appealing to children who had moved on from collecting the badges they used to feature on.

My #alphabetproject so far :

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  1. Wow, they're a blast from the past! #alphabetphoto

  2. I remember collecting the tokens, but I'm not sure I ever sent off for a badge. Very much an image from the past. #AlphabetPhoto

  3. We never had these in Canada, what a bizarre phenomenon!

  4. Gosh, this takes me back! #alphabetphoto

  5. I don't remember being able to collect them (too young lol) but I've certainly seen a few dolls and figures over the years #alphabetproject


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