Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Lenor Unstoppables review

When I heard that Lenor had launched a new laundry product, I was expecting a new lovely-smelling liquid fabric softener. They've got all innovative though and produced little pellets of pure perfume for your fabrics.

While this solid format makes them really easy to use, one thing that I discovered when reviewing them is that young children think they look like sweets - be aware that you should keep them well out of reach of little fingers, as well as letting curious kids know that they are for the washing and won't taste nice !

As a member of the Savvy Circle, I received a tub of the blue "fresh" Unstoppables to try out, as well as some free sample sachets to pass on to friends. As always, the mums at the school gate were more than happy to take them off my hands !

So what exactly are they? Described as the latest breakthrough fabric care innovation from Lenor, Unstoppables is an in-wash scent booster, made from pure perfume in bead format and offering nine times more perfume ingredient than the Lenor Classic range. You just add them to the drum at the start of the wash so that they can infuse your clothes with their lovely fragrance as you wash. My initial thought was that they are superfluous, as modern high-end laundry products already offer fabulous, exotic and intoxicating scents that make your clothes smell nice. The Unstoppables do give it a lot of extra oomph though, promising up to 12 weeks of boosted freshness in storage. While the fragrance seems to last longer on some fabrics than others, I do love the fact that my towels and bedding, in particular, retain that just-washed smell even several weeks after being washed and put away.

The unique selling point is that there are three varieities available, that can be combined and used alongside your usual laundry products to create a totally personal and bespoke fragrance - your own signature scent every time you do the washing. Or, alternatively, you can mix and match them to get a difference fragrance every time you start a new load. The choice is yours !

The three varieties are :

Fresh in the blue packaging - a revitalising oceanic scent, perfect paired with Lenor Spring Awakening softener

Bliss in the pink packaging - red berries and delicate white jasmine to energise

Lavish in the gold packaging - red rose and powdery sweet peach, lovely when combined with Lenor Gold Orchid fabric softener

The feedback that I have been collecting so far shows that for some, it is a superfluous product, increasing the budget for laundry products that are already pretty costly. If you're a lover of fragrances though, happy to splash out on a bottle of your favourite perfume or to pay a bit more for high-end, lovely smelling products, it's a great way of getting your laundry smelling exactly the way you want it with long-lasting freshness. I like the idea but I'll be looking out for it on special offer - the RRP is 70p for a 30ml sachet, £5 for 275ml or £ for 375ml - but there are lots of deals so make sure you price check the supermarkets to get the best deal.

Even better, if you like the sound of it, don't miss my next blogpost where you can win the whole range.

Disclosure : I received the products in order to write an honest review.

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  1. These look good, but can see what u mean by children thinking they look like sweets.

  2. I was really impressed with my free sample, they are expensive to buy though

  3. I too was surprised at the new product, had expected liquid. Love nice fragrances / scents. Though as you say :- The product seems expensive.

    Rachel Craig

  4. they are currently quite expensive at the moment,so i'll look for when they're on offer,i've heard very good reviews about them,so hopefully i won't have to wait long for my purchase :)

  5. Have Used The Fresh Unstoppables with both Fairy Non-Bio,& Fairy Fabric Conditioner,& Also With Blue Bold Lotus Flower & Lilly,& Also Either The Blue Spring Awakening Lenor Or The Fresh Meadow Lenor With Added Febreze & The Pink Bliss Works Really Well With The Pink Bold Peony & Cherry Blossom,& The Pink Lenor Wild Flowers Bloom!! Try It Out For Yourself!! Just Wish That They'd Lunch Lavander Unstoppables Like The USA Already Have In The Downy Unstoppables Range That Would Match My Favourit Bold Lavander & Camomile & Purple Lenor MoonLight Harmony Softner!!

    1. It was difficult to read your review due to the capitalisation of nearly every word. Please stop doing this.

  6. Put some of the beads in you vacuume cleaner and they make the house smell lovely.

    1. That's a fabulous idea - definitely one to try !

  7. I only bought some to try when it was reduced in price, I live in a hard water area, so maybe that is why there was no difference at all to the laundry. It left no fragrance even though I used a lot more on the second try.Very disappointed.Would not buy it again unless it was a lot cheaper & I gave the other fragrances a try.Product is a flop.

  8. I really like the stuff!