Sunday 21 September 2014

How to make a Spiderman fan happy !

Like most boys of his age, Pierre is a big Spiderman fan. When these goodies turned up for us to review from Worlds Apart, I knew he'd be excited - I just wasn't quite ready for HOW excited he got !

First of all, he took possession of the GoGlow Night Light. As well as being a cuddly, squishy toy (because even superheroes need cuddles !), he is very clever because a quick squeeze of his tummy lights his eyes up - perfect for night-time trips to the toilet. What is particularly clever is that a second squeeze turns the light off, which is unusual for children's cuddly nightlights. He also automatically turns off after 15 minutes. As a grown-up, I was impressed with the fact that the batteries were included (3 x AAA when they need replacing).

Pierre soon noticed the suckers on his feet and hands and excitedly ran to stick him on the window.

99% of the time, these suction cups don't work for long and fall off within a few minutes, so I was really impressed to see that Spidey stayed stuck to the window for ages, until Pierre prised him off to take him to bed. He could also be attached to smooth surfaces like a headboard or wardrobe close to your child's bed.

Ah yes, the bed ... not just any bed but this Spiderman Readybed that we also received. It comes flat packed and needs inflating with the enclosed foot pump.

It took about 10 minutes to fully inflate it but luckily, the kids excitedly took it in turns so I didn't even have to get involved !

I was impressed at how well the tube from the pump stayed in the valve. I was expecting it to fall out but it didn't - even when the kids pulled it around when they wanted their turn at pumping.

 Inflating the bed actually turned into a fun game, with Juliette using different body parts (foot, hand, bum ... !) to work the pump.

Once it was inflated, it took Juliette seconds to close the valve, pop it in its Spiderman cover and jump inside !

It has a very long zip, like a sleeping bag, making it very easy to get in and out.

Pierre was not impressed though, and soon threw her out !

He climbed in with his new Spidey GoGlow night light.

I couldn't help but laugh at bedtime. Unbeknownst to me, the kids had taken the Readybed upstairs and put it down next to Pierre's bed (which also has a Spiderman duvet cover, as you can see !). Pierre was happily tucked up, with his GoGlow pal, on the floor in his Readybed when I went in for a bedtime kiss ... and Juliette told me that they'd decided to take it in turns and tomorrow night, it's her turn to have it in her room !

If you're planning a sleepover, a camping trip or you're going to stay with friends or relatives who may not have a spare room, it's an ideal solution as it takes up hardly any space when it's deflated. If you're going for a day out - maybe an all-day picnic or barbecue - or a late night party and want somewhere for the kids to be able to have a quick nap, it's also a nice portable solution. I remember those horrendous nights when the kids were potty training and I had to totally remake the bed at 3 o' clock in the morning and I wish I'd had one of these readybeds for emergencies in the corner of the room in case of late night accidents ! I think it would also be a great temporary transition from cot to big boy's/girl's bed for those first few night's when you're worried about your toddler falling out of bed too.

star rating : 5/5

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Disclosure : We received the products in order to write an honest review.

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  1. He looks absolutely chuffed to bits with that bed! Great they want to share!


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