Wednesday 10 September 2014

Time flies so don't waste it ! #PowerOfSoft

I couldn't help but go ahhhh when I heard about Fairy's latest campaign, the #PowerofSoft. They explain : "Fairy Non Bio is proud to have seen millions of parents through every babygro, every toddler’s favourite party dress and then, all too soon, that first school uniform. So we understand how quickly this time passes and therefore the value of every precious cuddle. That’s why we want to encourage parents to make the most of this time by giving their children an extra soft cuddle today and embracing the #PowerofSoft!"

They've come up with a beautiful video guaranteed to make you go a bit misty-eyed if you're a parent.

I was a bit stunned last month to come to the realisation that somehow, I had become the mother of a teen. How did that happen? 

Sophie is now bigger than me and growing into a young woman. She already has size 8 feet !

It doesn't seem five minutes ago that she was looking like this ! Baking cookies, messy play and looking for ladybirds at the park were all top of her list of fun things to do. Oh, and spending hours snuggled on my lap watching TV,  reading stories together or telling me all her special secrets.

And it was only five minutes before THAT that she looked liked this !

Hmm not all that different really then !

Seriously though, time does go really fast and, when you're juggling jobs and kids and blogs and paperwork, it's all too easy to forget to take some time out to have fun with the kids and make sure you're not missing out on their childhood. You may find yourself losing patience with a clingy toddler who is constantly demanding to be carried and cuddled or getting fed up with the never-ending stream of questions thrown at you by an inquisitive 4-year-old but make the most of it - by the time they're into they're teens, you won't be allowed within arms' reach and communication will be principally by monosyllabic grunts !

Make sure you cherish every moment and get your lifetime's store of cuddles and kisses while you can ! I'll leave you with Fairy's words of wisdom: "Time passes so quickly when they’re little. It feels like only yesterday when they were tiny newborns enjoying those super soft cuddles for hours on end and pretty soon they are starting to do all those firsts – crawling, walking and even talking! Not that the pre-school years are always easy; with sleepless nights, baby sick stained clothes and moments when it seems like they will never EVER stop crying. But a cuddle with your baby somehow makes it all worthwhile – it’s the softest they will ever be."

Embrace the #PowerOfSoft ! Stop reading this and go and give your kids a cuddle right now ... however old they are ! Tell me how you get on (especially if they're in their teens !) :)

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Disclosure : This is a sponsored, but hopefully entertaining nevertheless, post !

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  1. For a second I thought it was Juliette in that photo with cute antlers. Time flies indeed, my little man has started school, sigh

    1. Awww all the big milestones are flying past - I'd like a pause button sometimes !


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