Friday 12 September 2014

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? : menu plan 12/9/14

Well and truly back into the work/school/menu-planning routine ! This week's all about clearing out the freezer and some of the seasoning sachets to make space.


lunch -  possibly McDonald's, but Sophie's off to the cinema so we'll probably stay at home, in which case I think I might throw together a quick paella.

dinner - salad or soup or I may make a quiche, depending on what's in the fridge


lunch -  roast chicken with all the trimmings - or if the weather is nice, which it's supposed to be, a BBQ to clear out the freezer of all the barbecue stuff in time for the winter

dinner - leftover soup or sandwiches


dinner - Chinese glazed pork chops with rainbow noodles (stir-fried noodles with red pepper/carrot/onion/green pepper strips)


dinner - lime & garlic salmon with Mediterranean veg and wedges


lunch - Moroccan chicken with preserved lemons, olives & chickpeas,served with couscous (this was on last week's menu but never got made)

dinner - mince & onion pie with garden herb potatoes and peas


dinner -  Spanish chicken (with courgettes, peppers and onions) and rice


dinner - So Tender Italian Herbs pan-fried chicken with mash (or baked potatoes if I have time) and baked beans

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