Saturday 25 December 2010

Hipp Organic Stage 3/4 Baby Tray Meals

As I mentioned in my recent review of Ella's Kitchen baby food, 17-month-old Pierre has recently started turning his nose up at shop-bought baby food because he wants to eat the same thing as us at mealtimes. That's great news most of the time, but if we're eating something very spicy or a bit unhealthy, I'd rather he had a nutritious, perfectly balanced shop-bought meal. As we're over in England for our traditional festive visit, it's also really handy when we're out and about to have something that Pierre can eat on the go. It was therefore perfect timing for testing out the two stage 3/4 baby meals that Hipp kindly sent to us.

I absolutely love the heart-shaped tray, not just because it is ultra-cute and gives you the idea that you're giving your little one some love as well as a balanced meal, but also because the shape makes it really easy and comfortable to hold on to at feeding time. We tried two recipes, "Squiggly Spaghetti with Tasty Tomato & Mozzarella Sauce" and "Wholesome Vegetable & Chicken Risotto".

As you can see from the photo, Pierre absolutely loved both of them and wolfed them down without a second's hesitation ! I love the fact that you can see big tender chunks of vegetables and that the ingredients are guaranteed organic and GM-free. The taste and texture is very close to home-cooked food which probably explains why Pierre doesn't turn his nose up at them ! This is great news for mums who like to give their babies the taste of home-cooking - according to a nationwide survey carried out by Hipp to gain the views of the modern day mum, 87% of HiPP mums say that their toddler mostly eats the same as the rest of the family. The generous 260g portions offer more than enough for a hungry baby, but both big sisters are always happy to finish off any leftovers !

The trays are really convenient because you can use them in the microwave so they're ready in just one minute. I'm not at all surprised that they won an award in the 'Best Toddler Food' category in the Practical Parenting Awards and I'll definitely be stashing a few in the cupboard for when I'm in a rush or if I need a healthy (and tasty) meal on the go.

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star rating : 5/5

RRP : £1.30 for 260g

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