Thursday 2 December 2010

Just Maternity Jeans – Love your bump, Love Your Jeans !

I remember how awkward it was to find a comfortable pair of maternity jeans that weren't forever falling down so I thought I'd share this press release with you. I hope it helps some of you mums-to-be out there !


New website ‘Just Maternity Jeans’ provides expectant mums with the largest collection of maternity jeans and denims available on the internet today.

Faringdon, Oxfordshire, UK – 30 November, 2010 – Today we are pleased to announce the birth of Just Maternity Jeans, a specialist website for the fashion conscious mum!

Disappointed by the meagre high street offerings during her first pregnancy, the proud owner of new specialist website has recently been on a mission; to source the largest collection of maternity jeans and denims available on the internet.

Just Maternity Jeans launches today with a collection of over 35 different styles of denim maternity wear to suit every shape and taste.

Expecting her second baby in January, Jules Kearfott, owner of Just Maternity Jeans explains the personal drivers behind the specialist site. “Pregnancy has been a really emotional time in my life, particularly where self image is concerned. For me, finding clothes, particularly my much loved jeans, that are similar to my normal style has been very important.”

“It may sound crazy but slipping into my perfect pair of jeans can make my day that bit better. I want pregnant women (especially pregnant women!) to have a reliable and varied source to help them discover their own perfect pair.”

What our customers have to say

One of the first customers to, Mrs Joannah Kinch, is expecting her second child in the spring. “I heard about Just Maternity Jeans through the local toddler group and immediately went online. I think the site really recognises how different pregnant women are. It’s definitely not a one size/shape fits all approach. Their size and style guide is really important. It will really help first time Mums to understand how the clothing will fit once their pregnancy progresses.”

Lucy Hayward, treasurer of the Faringdon District branch of the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) commented that she really believes there is a place in the market for a specialist maternity jeans retailer. “So many Mums are unsatisfied with the current selection. I’m really pleased to see some new brands entering the market – and a local Mum making it happen.”

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About Just Maternity Jeans

Just Maternity Jeans is a specialist online retailer aimed at the fashion conscious expectant Mum, who doesn’t want to give up her style during pregnancy. Its maternity wear collection is made up of maternity jeans, jeggings, dungarees and denim skirts, sourced from all over Europe, all available online at

Just Maternity Jeans is a family run business, managed by husband and wife team Jules and David Kearfott. They are expecting their second child on January 21st 2011.

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  1. Love this tip, to keep us stylish all through pregnancy. Thanks

  2. buying maternity jeans online is a great way to save money, just be sure the retailer accepts returns if they dont fit


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