Thursday 2 December 2010

VillaWare - restaurant quality appliances for the home

Sometimes, when PR companies tell me about their new products, I get a serious case of appliance-lust and that was certainly the case when I discovered this range of VillaWare kitchen gadgets.VillaWare is a premium range of small appliances which have been designed for people who are passionate about cooking, who want to produce restaurant-quality food at home and who love design influenced products. In other words, me !

The whole range spent two and a half years in development, going through various focus groups to make sure that everything was right. They have features that make them easy to use whilst guaranteeing professional results.

Now, I know there's a bit of an unwritten rule that you shouldn't buy kitchen appliances for women for Christmas but I can assure you, I would be more than happy to find one of these little beauties under the Christmas tree, and I'm sure I'm not alone !

The stunning range contains seven products at the moment - Food Processor, Blender, Juice Extractor, Filter Coffee Maker, Espresso Maker, Kettle and Toaster. Now, I understand that a kettle may not sound particularly innovative or exciting, but listen to this ! "The kettle has a removable double boiler that sits inside the kettle and can be used for making delicate sauces, melting chocolate, etc.  It has an adjustable temperature dial and you can actually set it to boil at the temp for up to 30 mins when you are using the boiler." Now try telling me you're not impressed ! 

I'd never heard of VillaWare so I assumed it was a new brand, but I couldn't be more wrong ! They explain : "The VillaWare brand was founded over 100 years ago by Angelo Vitantonio, the inventor of the world’s first home pasta machine. He was instrumental in transforming the nature of home cooking with a reputation for honesty, integrity and true innovation. These attributes can be seen in the new range of VillaWare products, which also combine the latest in technology with beautiful design. Every VillaWare product is durable yet beautiful – metal die-cast construction ensures exceptional performance whilst the beauty comes from design that has been inspired by passion and imagination."

They also have a facebook page, where they will be featuring different farmers markets and foodie events each month along with highlighting new recipes, different cooking technique and  competitions

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