Friday 3 December 2010

Crock Pot Recipe : Traditional Christmas Pudding

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Not only have I reviewed the fabulous Crock Pot Sauté Slow Cooker and shared some delicious recipes with you to try out, I'm also giving one of my lucky blog-followers the chance to win their own. This would be the perfect recipe to christen it with ! I've never tried making a Christmas pudding before because it all seemed like too much work but just imaging the delicious smell of Christmas wafting through the house all day as the Crock Pot does its stuff is really really tempting.


Traditional Christmas Pudding

Finding 8 hours to steam a Christmas pudding is a challenge, so using the slow cooker enables you to cook it whilst you to get on with your life.

Serves: 10-12

Preparation Time: 15 minutes
Cooking Time: 8-10 hours
Reheating Time: 3 hours

Slow Cooker Setting: Low to cook/High to reheat

75g plain flour
½ tsp ground nutmeg
¼ tsp mixed spice
75g suet
150g dark brown sugar
150g currants
125g raisins
125g sultanas
25g almonds, roughly chopped
100g fresh white breadcrumbs
50g mixed peel
1 small cooking apple, grated
Grated zest and juice of one lemon
2 medium eggs, beaten
2 tbsp brandy
Baking Paper, Foil and String

· Grease a 1.2 litre pudding basin.

· Sift together the flour, nutmeg and mixed spice into a large bowl.

· Add the suet, brown sugar, currants, raisins, sultanas, almonds, breadcrumbs and peel. Mix together well.

· Add the apple, lemon zest and juice, stir in the eggs and brandy, stir well until all the ingredients are combined well.

· Pour mixture into the greased pudding basin, and cover with a greased round of baking parchment.

· Take a square piece of foil, larger than the top of the basin; make a pleat in the centre, to allow for any expansion during cooking.

· Place over basin and seal well with string, making sure it is tight, it is advisable to make a handle with string to make it easy to remove the basin from the hot pan.

· Place pudding in the stoneware and pour boiling water three quarters of the way up the basin. Cook for 8 - 10 hours on Low, the longer the cook the darker the Christmas pudding.

· To reheat the pudding, place in stoneware with boiling water and reheat on High for 3 hours.

· The pudding may be made a few months before Christmas, stored in a cool dark place and occasionally fed with brandy.

(Can I be stored in a cool dark place a few months before Christmas and occasionally fed with brandy too ?! Sounds like heaven !!)

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  1. Been and bought all the ingrediants gonna try this today, will let you know how it goes x

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. How inspiring
    Want to give this a go and will be out for the ingredients as soon as this snow moves itself
    Thanks so much

  4. This sounds delicious , just wish I were brave enough to give it a go. I can cook savoury really well but puddings have never been a strength. Must show mom , the pudding queen , see what she can do .

  5. I've never actually thought of making my own Xmas pudding. I love them & it's the only thing that I like that no-one else in our house does, which means I actually stand a chance of eating some ;D May have to get the ingredients together. Thanks for this :))

  6. gosh its amazing to look back. Kate saying need to wait on the snow clearing, a small reminder of how bad December was 2 years ago


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