Friday 3 December 2010

On the fifth day of Christmas, Next sent to me ...

5 Gold Rings

Well, this one is just too easy. I always thought (before starting to hunt out these Twelve Days of Christmas gift ideas !) of Next as principally a fashion retailer, so it makes sense that they'd have costume jewellery. Sure enough, they have rings a-plenty which are really cute and won't break the bank.

Sterling Silver Daisy Ring (£15)

Rings for your fingers but also for your ears. How funky are these ?!

Star Earrings (£10)

 Or for the purists amongst you who want GOLD rings, I have just the thing :

Gold Napkin Rings (£7)

See you tomorrow for the next day of Christmas gift ideas !

Also, don't miss the Next daily Advent giveaway with some fabulous prizes to win every day !

Today's prize is a brilliant £270 Toy Story Bundle

To see the other updated Twelve Days of Christmas:


  1. this is a great advent comp. i love reading your blog too

  2. I'm in love with that blog. Gorgeousness.
    Great jewelry!! Love them and what an artistic, beautiful.

  3. It is stylish and fashionable in look.
    Hope to see more stylish and fashionable of your collection.

  4. Thanks for sharing, and congratulations on your work!
    That's some really nice stuff!

  5. Those pieces of art that are absolutely stunning!

  6. I look forward to visiting your blog again. Thank you for sharing with us!


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