Monday 27 December 2010

Rachel's Divine Rice Traditional Rice Pudding

I have never liked rice pudding, so when I was sent a twin pack of Rachel's Divine Rice Traditional Rice Pudding to review, I guessed I wouldn't like it. I gave it a tentative sample and did find it tasted fresh and creamy but I still didn't like the taste. Luckily, my dad was at hand to step into my shoes and be a guest reviewer for the day !

He ate the whole lot, murmuring appreciatively about it tasting homemade and like the real old-fashioned rice pudding you got at school, then wandered off to the fridge to get the other pot ! He did give a couple of spoonfuls to 17-month-old Pierre, who also seemed to like it, as this picture shows.

Having found it really creamy, I was amazed to see that it's actually a low-fat option. As they explain on the website, "At Rachel’s we’re dedicated to creating gorgeously pure tastes. Our delicious creamy traditional Divine Rice is made from pure, fresh milk from organic farms. Slow cooked for a traditional creamy taste, it is delicious eaten hot or cold. Containing less than 5% fat, you really can have nice without the naughty!" 100g contains 130 calories and as each pot contains 150g, that's actually a very reasonable dessert.

If you like rice pudding, you'll love it - according to my dad and Pierre !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £1.29 for 2 x 150g

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  1. I love rice pudding
    I must try it :)

  2. i love rice pudding too, reminds me of when i was a child!

  3. Far too sweet

  4. This is most delicious rice pudding I have ever tasted. The fact its organic and low in calories is a bonus. However, I would still eat it even if it wasnt. I actually get excited at dessert time!


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