Wednesday 8 December 2010

Hoppity frog story, colouring and activity book designed for children with amblyopia (eye patch)

Children say the funniest things ... but they also sometimes come out with excrutiatingly embarrassing and unintentionally cruel remarks. Right from day one, I've always taught my kids that people come in all shapes, sizes and colours - especially easy for us as we are "different" here in France because we're English (and yes, you'd be surprised how many racist remarks the girls get for that at school !). It hasn't a prevented a few wanting-a-hole-to-open-up-in-the-ground comments from them in their early years though, including "Look Mummy, that man's really fat. He looks like he's going to have a baby" and "Why is his face brown ? Is it because he doesn't wash". You can tell them over and over again that different people have brown eyes, green eyes, black hair, blonde hair, brown skin, pink skin or numerous other differences, we're all the same, but it won't stop them picking up on the slightest things that mark other kids out as "different" and, in their eyes, "strange".

The girls have both worn glasses from an early age and lots of kids in their classes have them too so there doesn't seem to be any stigma attached to them (certainly less that when I was at school anyway !). I still awaited with bated breath the day Juliette would come out with a comment (hopefully in English so nobody else would understand it !) about her new little classmate with an eye patch. It turns out that the only thing she said about it was that he had a really cool Dora the Explorer eye patch and could she have one too ?! Some of the other kids did point and make remarks though and I felt really sorry for the little boy - not to mention the red-faced mums !

Orthoptist, Hazel Kay, who has many years of experience in treating children with amblyopia and talking to their parents, has come up with a cute little book to help children understand why they - or their classmates - need to wear an eye patch. She says,  “It can’t be underestimated how much help and support many families need to carry out patching treatment effectively.”

"Hoppity Frog Has Two Clever Eyes" is a colouring, activity and story book designed to help children understand and cooperate with their patching treatment in a simple, fun way. The rhyming story tells how Hoppity Frog has an eye test at school and discovers that he needs to wear glasses and an eye patch. The cheerful pictures and story of Hoppity and his friends provide a positive role model that can also be used in the classroom to promote understanding and empathy with a child who is being patched - or at home, to help prevent playground teasing or inappropriate comments.

Children who need to wear an eye patch to treat amblyopia are under 8 years of age. The book is aimed at the two to five age group, although older children would also enjoy it and the colouring.

It's a lovely book for anyone who knows a child with an eye patch and can also be used to extend the message that "different" doesn't mean stupid or anything else negative. Anything that can help to spread tolerance and compassion has to be a good thing in my eyes.

The book can be bought at the Kay Fun Patch online shop, which also stocks an amazing collection of funky eye patches.

Exclusive offer for readers of my blog, in honour of me being the first non-professional to review the book ! : Kay Fun Patch would like to offer the book for free to anyone who orders one or more of their eye patches from . Just  mention Madhouse Family Review when ordering during December 2010 and the book will be added to your order free of charge.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £2.50

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  1. My neice may need an eye patch so this is definetly something I will buy her if she needs one. x

  2. I've just added a special offer, you can now get the book for free if you buy an eye patch from them. Makes it even better value. :-)

  3. This looks like a great 'Hoppity' book! I'd like to get it for my daughter for Xmas. She loves frogs.

  4. This is a good idea and I think it would appeal to the whole age group.


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