Thursday 2 December 2010

Miffy Wooden Farm Playset

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When I was offered the chance to review this wooden Miffy Farm Playset, I got stupidly excited and couldn't first work out why. Then it hit me ! It totally reminds me of the chunky wooden puzzles I used to have at infant school back in the 1970's ! To this day, I don't know why they were always so top-heavy on the orange and green colours - maybe they work better on wood or something ?! -but this Miffy playset uses the same retro colours. Talk about a blast from the past !

The great thing about mums and dads getting so excited about their kids' toys is that it leads to some real quality time playing with the kids. And trust me - they can tell the difference between you playing with them because you think it's one of your mummy-duties and playing because you're getting some genuine personal enjoyment out of it !

As the manufacturer says : "Exclusive from Holland, this Miffy Wooden Farm Playset offers great play value and is a classic toy for any nursery. The set includes 19 pieces, comprising a robust farmhouse to build, plus 3 Miffy characters and a range of Dick Bruna's iconic animal figures." As you can see in the picture, it's a bit reminiscent of Noah's Ark because you get two of each animal (pigs, cows, sheep, chickens, even two trees !)

16-month-old Pierre loved picking up the animals and moving them around, then having a quick chew on them (I checked - they may be wooden but there are no splinters), then copying me making the various animal noises ! His big sisters may be aged 9 and 5 but they still had fun playing along too - oh, who am I to speak ? So did I and I'm 38 !!

But we're not the only ones ! Prima Baby & Pregnancy magazine named it as a 'Top Buy this Christmas' and it also pops up in (amongst others) Good to Know's top Christmas gifts guide.

I love it for several reasons. It's great to get back to the old-fashioned wooden toys which, as well as being more environmentally-friendly, are also much more robust. The play set offers up endless possibilities for creative role play and appeals to all ages. The barn is perfect for keeping all the little pieces together so they don't get lost and for tidying away quickly, as well as in a fun way ("Let's put all the animals to bed now" seems to be much more successful than "OK, time to tidy up" !). And the playset is just the right size for playing with on the dining room table, so I don't have to kneel down on the floor to play with the kids every time (yes, I know, I'm showing my age !).

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £19.99

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  1. Oooh the Miffy farm looks SUPER cute!! We love anything to do with Miffy. I wish I hadn't seenthis.... ;-)


  2. Oh I love Miffy - what a cute set Xx

  3. A fab looking set, perfect for any Miffy fan!
    Great review

  4. What a lovely giveaway. You sound like me, I'm worse than the kids when it comes to toys. Lol. I'm such a big kid. Ha ha. Xx


  5. I would love to win this beautiful farm set for my granddaughter of 16 months.

  6. The farm set isn't the prize in the Miffy competition ! I have four money box/Miffy plush sets to give away if you click on the word "here" in the link in red at the top of the post. Good luck !

  7. great review, we love miffy :)

  8. How cute is this! You must be the same era as me as I remember the 197o's infant school jigaws too ;) I think orange was big in the 70's!

  9. This looks gorgeous! I'm a big fan of farm sets and this one is just gorgeous. Lovely review.

  10. This looks like really good fun - think our two little boys are probably a bit old for it now though.

  11. This is such a blast from the past, I haven't thought about Miffy in YEARS!


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