Saturday 11 December 2010

Giveaway #40 - win Net Nanny internet safety software from Downloadbuyer - closed - winner kathcake

How's this for a scary statistic ? "1 in 5 children aged 10 to 17 have received a sexual solicitation over the Internet." Net Nanny is a powerful, yet simple to install parental control and internet safety solution that helps parents protect their children and monitor their Internet use. More than an Internet Filter, it is peace of mind.

ContentWatch parental controls software has been the Gold Award winner 5 years running.

New features in Net Nanny™ 6.5

Profanity Masking (@#$!)

As with, there are many websites that permit user’s to leave feedback or comments directly on each page. Unruly users will often post inappropriate or profane comments which can manipulate how your web filter categorizes that webpage.

Net Nanny 6.5 can now mask (@#$!) inappropriate content, allowing you to view the entire page without being bombarded with vulgar language.
Social Networking

Parents can easily access and view their children’s social networking activities on commonly used sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Youtube and Bebo.

Reporting provides details about social networking profiles including friends’ lists, pictures, videos, personal descriptions, wall posts and more. With Net Nanny 6.5 you can even view your kid’s Facebook IM (Instant Message) conversations.

Proxy Guard

Using secure proxies (example: UltraSurf) is the number one method used by tech-savvy teens to circumvent desktop filters. This includes proxies, secure proxies, and local host proxies or application proxies.

Net Nanny’s Proxy Guard not only filters the content of all web proxy sites (http and https), but aggressively blocks attempts to get around filtering by blocking these proxy Web sites.

Search Terms

Already recognized as best in class, Net Nanny’s Internet safety reports have provided parents with info on your family’s Internet, Social Networking, and Instant Message activity.

In addition to all of that, with Net Nanny 6.5 you can now get a fully detailed report of your family’s online searching behaviour. You can view each user’s web, video, and image searches on all the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask.

More Great Features

Net Nanny 6.5 has been specifically designed to address your concerns, here are a few more customer requested features you’ll find in this latest release:

● View conversations for web-based IM like Facebook, Meebo, and MySpace

● Receive email notifications in real-time, hourly, daily or even weekly

● Block uploading of pictures

● Keyword blocking lets you decide if kids should see pages with specific words

● Block posting/commenting on Blogs and Forums

As well as offering some great products, Downloadbuyer is an environmentally-friendly option.
"With more people realising the benefits of downloading software rather than buying traditional boxed products – it may not be a white Christmas, but it could be a ‘green’ Christmas. It’s not just the convenience, immediacy (no more waiting), and excellent prices, it’s also about choosing to be a more eco-friendly consumer – with zero packaging, transport and storage costs, downloading is almost 90% more carbon efficient and thus far less damaging to the planet."

To buy NetNanny or a whole host of other titles :

Don't miss out on their £5000 advent giveaway that I blogged about here !
One of my lucky blog-followers can win a copy of Net Nanny (RRP £31.26) to install on their computer from Downloadbuyer.
To win, you must do the following three things :

(1) follow my blog with Google Friends Connect (over on the side bar on the right)

(2) comment on any of my other blogposts and tell me where you commented (other giveaways don't count !)

(3) leave me a comment with an email or twitter name so I can contact you. Please note, you will receive a key enabling you to download the software from Downloadbuyer.
Bonus entries :

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(2) I love reading your comments so leave me some extra comments (maximum 3) and I'll give you a bonus entry for each one ! Just remember to leave me a comment here each time to tell me you've done so.

Open worldwide. Closing date : 29/12/10. Good luck

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  1. awesome software. helping the world though. great

  2. this is such an important piece of software. every home with children should have this.

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  10. Cool product! It's amazing how companies are now doing their thing in data management, as well. Like this one, a lot of data centers have safety software and solutions that protects client's data and files. Amazing!

  11. You might want to try out GotoCamera's free webcam software. GotoCamera is EASY to set up and easy to use. All you need is a webcam (a USB webcam such as those made by Logitech, Creative, etc, or even the webcam integrated into your netbook / notebook) and a Windows PC, and you’re ready to start. Once your camera is set up, you can turn on recording schedules, configure motion detection, share your camera with family, and access it from any browser, including your iPhone, so that you can remotely monitor your camera's recordings. You can watch over your children any time you wish. This is perfect for people who can't afford a nanny to watch over their kids when they're away from home. At less than $4 a month, it makes complete sense to me. Give it a shot, try their 1 week free trial and let me know how it goes :)


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