Friday 24 December 2010

Ella's Kitchen - Organic Bakey-Bakies

I have to admit, my initial reaction when I opened my first bag of Bakey-Bakies was that they looked like a piece of cardboard ! I like to taste new things I offer to Pierre though, to see what tastes he likes or doesn't like, so despite their unappealing appearance, I took a tentative nibble. Yuck ! I didn't like the taste or the texture at all. But they're clearly not designed for adult palates so what did Pierre think ? Well, just have a look at the picture below - he loved them !

So what are they exactly ? Well, behind the adorable name "Bakey-Bakies" are organic wholegrain oat crackers that Ella's Kitchen describe as "crispy and crunchy snacks made just for little people whose new teeth need a good chomp and whose little mouths need tasty, real foods to tickle their taste buds! All they contain is 100% organic baby food goodness of yummy ingredients snugly baked into yummy little crackers."

They're much healthier than grown-up crisps or crackers and Pierre loves them. I also love the fact that they don't make loads of crumbs so I'm happy for him to eat them as a snack on the go in the car or pushchair. They come in two varieties, "apple, raisin 'n' cinnamon" and "cheese 'n' spinach". They contain some really wholesome and sometimes surprising ingredients, including organic wholegrain oatmeal, organic apple, spinach and raisin purees and organic rosemary extract.

They're perfectly-sized for little fingers so they're ideal snacks and weaning foods for little tots aged 12 months plus. You get four mini-bags in a pack, each containing 12g which sounds tiny but goes a long way.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £2.49 for 4 x 12g

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