Thursday 30 December 2010

John Crane Wooden Teaching Clock

Well, it'll be a good few years yet before Pierre starts learning how to tell the time but that hasn't stopped him playing with this colourful wooden teaching clock from John Crane, which was in our bundle of toys that we won in the Jenny Woodenmum competition. He loves pulling out the different numbered pieces and amazingly manages to put most of them back in the right places !

When he's a bit older, he'll be able to use them to learn to recognise numbers, colours and shapes, like a shape-sorting toy or a wooden jigsaw puzzle, but at the moment he enjoys sliding them around on the tray and seeing where they'll fit, as well as piling them up on top of each other and rolling them across the floor !

The smooth wood must feel nice on his hands too because he is forever picking up the pieces and turning them around, then putting them back on the floor and picking up another one ! The girls also like playing with it as a clock, turning around the hands to different times that I call out.

As a mum, I love the way the pieces have hidden magnets to help them stay in place because it should help prevent the pieces getting lost in the bottom of the toybox, as invariably happens with all the other wooden jigsaw puzzles we have in the house !

Once again, it's a lovely, traditional, lights-and-noises-free toy that the kids love and that parents adore because the kids can play quietly, using their own imaginations to play rather than just pressing a button and letting the electronic wizardry do it all for them !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £14.99

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  1. For someone who couldn't tell time confidently until my early teens I'll need something like this so my son won't be the same!

  2. I teach 11-14 years old and a lot of them can't tell the time with a "proper" clock either, they're too used to digital watches.

  3. this looks good, i have been looking for something like this for a while, thanks x


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