Tuesday 28 December 2010

Rachel's Taste Explorers Organic Yogurts & Squeezies

Pierre has been trying (and reviewing, even if he can't talk much yet !) so many new things over the Christmas holidays ! A few days ago, he sampled Rachel's My First Yoghurts and gave them a huge thumbs up. He also received a pack of  Rachel's Taste Explorers yogurts to try.

My initial reaction was that I couldn't see much difference between them. The website says : "These smooth yogurts are made simply and with care, using organic ingredients. They are packed full of the goodness of fresh organic milk and delicious organic fruit purée, just right for your little Taste Explorers to enjoy."  They are suitable from age 4-6 months onwards and contain no added refined sugar, nothing artificial and probiotic cultures to help your child maintain a healthy digestive system. All of which is the same as the My First yoghurts.

I did eventually work out the difference (I think !). The Taste Explorers yoghurts each contain a blend of two flavours as opposed to one sole fruit. The multipack of four yoghurts contain strawberry & banana, peach & mango, apple & apricot and raspberry & peach. They are smooth yoghurts with no bits and Pierre loved all of them. 
But they also come in fun and handy Yogurt Squeezies, each multipack containing four banana and four strawberry flavour. I totally couldn't work out how to rip the end off along the perforated line (which looks like it should create some sort of spout or straw) so I just snipped the end off with a pair of scissors !

The girls loved them ...

... as did 17-month-old Pierre, even if the packaging says they are suitable from age 3 years  + (but I noticed that bit after he'd polished a couple off) ! The mess-free format is great for snacking on the go or for lunch boxes and the kids seemed to find them much more fun to eat than the usual pot and spoon combo !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £1.69 for a 4-pack of 4 x 100g yoghurts, £1.79 for 8 x 40g squeezies

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  1. i love rachel's organic yougurts. i've never tried the kids ones yet though, might need to get some for my daughter and son! The squeezies look really handy (wonder why they say from age 3?!)

  2. not sure, I'll see if I can find out


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