Sunday 26 December 2010

Rachel's Organic Greek style bio-live yogurt with coconut

I had to laugh when I sat down to try out this yoghurt from Rachel's with Madhouse Daddy Mike and guest reviewer Madhouse Grandad, because it reminded me of the Three Wise Monkeys. "Yuck, Greek style yoghurt", I cried. "Yuck, coconut yoghurt", Mike cried. "Yuck, bio-live yoghurt", cried Grandad. I dipped three teaspoons into the pot (to save on the washing-up if none of us liked it !) then we reluctantly put the spoons in our mouths and all three of us simultaneously said "oooh that's really nice, I'll have a bowlful" !

After polishing off the whole pot (accurately described as containing 3 x 150g portions), I went off to investigate what exactly we'd just devoured ! The website says : "At Rachel’s we’re dedicated to creating gorgeously pure tastes. Our Greek style bio-live yogurt with coconut is a stunning combination of extra thick, rich and creamy yogurt blended with organic coconut pieces and the finest organic creamed coconut. The result is a uniquely delicious, textural treat - one for all the senses to savour ! Enjoy on its own as a tasty snack or dessert or mixed with your favourite fruits or cereals for a sumptuous breakfast. Why not try as a dessert accompaniment or ingredient? Or even in savoury recipes, like curries, for a tropical twist?"

It's a gorgeously creamy, decadent yoghurt with a pronounced but not overpowering coconut flavour that tastes totally natural. After all the festive overeating, it seemed really light and refreshing and I think it would make a lovely alternative to custard on Christmas pudding or apple crumble. I'm sure it would be absolutely delicious to make a healthy fruity smoothie (or a not at all healthy pina colada-type cocktail !) too.

100g provides 156 calories, which is quite a lot for a yoghurt (as I'm used to eating 0% fat-free yoghurts) but as a delicious dessert, it's not bad at all. It also contains gut-friendly bacteria, which is an added bonus : "Made simply and with care using only the finest organic ingredients so that it tastes gorgeously pure our Greek style bio-live yogurt with coconut contains the health-giving probiotic cultures Lactobacillus acidophilus & Bifidobacterium to help improve and maintain a healthy digestive system." After all the food we've consumed over the past couple of days, I'm sure our stomachs will be grateful for that !

Three people came to this yoghurt expecting to not like it at all and we were all pleasantly surprised, so even if you're not keen, you should give it a go. It's delicious and different to any other yoghurt or creamy dessert that I've ever tasted before. I'll definitely be buying it again !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £1.89 for 450g

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  1. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this yogurt!

  2. i am hooked..... Yoghurt of the gods :)

  3. Is it supposed to fizzy as I tried some and it was I thought it may be off and chucked it

  4. Is it supposed to fizzy as I tried some and it was I thought it may be off and chucked it

    1. No, it's definitely not supposed to be fizzy ! If the top looks blown, that's another sign that yogurt has gone off.


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