Wednesday 1 December 2010

Jordans Chunky Traditional Porridge

It's freezing outside - quite literally ! But kids being kids, they want to go outside and play in the snow and come inside red cheeked and giggling but with cold red hands and freezing soggy socks. Since the snow arrived, Sophie and Juliette know that they're allowed to go outside and play for no longer than an hour and as soon as they come inside, it's time for a warm bath, straight into clothes that have been warming up on the radiator and then downstairs for a bowl of lovely gooey warming porridge. It's turned into something of a tradition and I wouldn't be surprised if, in years to come, when boyfriends have dumped them or work colleagues are being bitchy, porridge will be their comfort food of choice !

I've reviewed all sorts of porridge on this blog and each time I'm amazed that they all taste different. We've tried various flavoured fruity porridges and even lumpless kid-friendly porridge, but this time it was chunky traditional porridge from Jordans that was on the hotseat.

According to the Jordans website, this product used to be called British Conservation Grade Wholegrain Rolled Oats - which is a bit of a mouthful and doesn't get you thinking of steaming bowls of creamy gooeyness the way the words "chunky traditional porridge" do. And creamy and gooey just about sums up the porridge that these oats make. Whatever the kids decide to stir in or sprinkle over the top - chunky demerera sugar, honey, nutella, chopped banana - it always gets the thumbs up and stops them feeling cold even after playing in the snow.

But these oats are so plump and chewy and meaty (don't worry, they're still suitable for vegetarians !) and almost juicy that I thought they deserved to be made into flapjacks. So we made some today. Inspired by the recipe on the Rowse honey website, we made Honey, Raisin and Coconut Flapjacks and they are absolutely delicious. The girls were absolutely gobsmacked that we had managed to create "cereal bars", because they've obviously never thought about them as anything other than prepackaged lunchbox snacks ! I don't need to say another word - the photos say it all !

Ohh nooo, I still can't eat them because I have to wait for them to cool down !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £1.45

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  1. i love jordans i might go make some flapjacks now ive seen this yummy x

  2. I love the pictures and the porridge (and your words too).
    Love porridge and love the idea of using the stuff in recipes - inspiring

  3. I'm such a big porridge fan, this looks great. Your flapjacks have my mouth watering too!

  4. I love porridge too! This chunky variety is just great for oat based recipes. Thanks @maisietoo


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