Wednesday 29 December 2010

Hasbro Tonka Chuck & Friends Rumblin' Chuck

Pierre has turned into my star reviewer this month and has been busy trying all manner of new foods and baby snacks over the past few days. But it's not all work, he's also been busy toy testing too ! One of the toys with real wow-factor has been Tonka's Chuck & Friends "Rumblin' Chuck".

Everyone, from Pierre to his big sisters, parents, grandparents and any other visiting relatives, has been unable to ignore Chuck's cheeky remarks and invitations to play and invariably ends up on the floor, pushing buttons and pulling him around and trying to make him say more and more things ! He has an impressive repertoire of 50 comments and noises so you can never be sure what he's going to say next.

He seems to be really responding to you and your actions so it's as if he is genuinely playing with you, which the kids absolutely love. If you pull him backwards, he'll make a reversing beep noise. Put things in his dumper bed and he'll tell you to add more. Pick him up then put him back on the ground and he'll tell you he's relieved to be back on solid ground ! If you stop playing with him for too long (which usually only happens at mealtimes !), he'll go to sleep and start snoring !

But he's also quite cheeky and unpredictable and will suddenly start whizzing around in circles, doing wheelies or shaking so hard he'll throw your toys out when you start filling him up ! The girls always giggle gleefully because it's like having a naughty little friend to play with but Pierre actually looks quite worried sometimes and crawls quickly off in the opposite direction to hide behind someone's legs ! He's a very robust toy and another great thing is that the batteries are already included. (Did I really just call an inanimate piece of plastic "he" without meaning to ?! Just goes to show how appealing he is then !).

After lots of laughing and rolling around on the floor with Chuck, you can gather the kids round to listen to a nice quiet story before bed because there is also a lovely storybook full of colourful pictures in the box. It is pricey but it is a fabulous toy that will leave your kids totally awestruck when you first get him out of the box !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £49.99

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